Vodafone India’s VoLTE Services Set To Launch In January 2018!

With its merger with Idea, Vodafone is set to overtake Airtel to become the no. 1 telecom in India.



Vodafone India VoLTE Services

Airtel was the first telecom to introduce 4G in India and Jio became the first to introduce VoLTE in India. For almost a year, Jio was the only one offering VoLTE services. Then, back in September, Airtel started their VoLTE services, beginning with Mumbai.

Now, Vodafone is all set to start their VoLTE services in India and they are starting with 5 circles; Mumbai, Gujarat, Delhi, Karnataka and Kolkata.

Vodafone India VoLTE Services Starting January 2018

Now, following Jio and Airtel, Vodafone will roll out its VoLTE services in India. This has been a long time coming. Vodafone is the second-largest telecom in India after Airtel. With its merger with Idea, it is set to overtake Airtel to become the no. 1 telecom in India.

Starting with Mumbai, Gujarat, Delhi, Karnataka and Kolkata, Vodafone’s LTE services will slowly be rolled out across India in a short time. Vodafone is promising HD quality voice calls with a faster call set-up time. They are offering their VoLTE services for free to all their Vodafone SuperNet 4G customers.

At the launch of their VoLTE service, Sunil Sood, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, Vodafone India, said,

“Vodafone is getting Future Ready with the advent of newer technologies and digital services. The introduction of Voice over LTE (VoLTE) will enhance customer experience with HD quality calling and offer our customers newer possibilities. Vodafone VoLTE is an important step towards introducing futuristic technology enhancing our Data Strong Network.”

Will More Competition Mean Better Quality?

With Vodafone’s entry into the VoLTE arena, Jio and Airtel have a competition on their hands! Vodafone is set to become the largest telecom in India after the Idea merger. Currently, it has access to more than 200 million customers. Coupled with Idea’s subscribers, that is a lot of customers to which Vodafone can sell their services to.

Vodafone has harnessed latest technological developments to build a resilient, data-strong network that enables better call quality and faster mobile internet experience for its customers. So Vodafone customers can now enjoy richer call quality and stable data.

But nobody has come even close to beating Jio when it comes to pricing. Vodafone, like Airtel, has the advantage of being able to fall back on 3G in absence of a 4G network. Jio has no such safety net as it is an LTE-only network. This is Vodafone’s chance to win a bigger market share of the telecom market.

Will Vodafone succeed? We’ll keep you updated.

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