DoT Approves Call-Based Aadhaar Verification; But Not For NRIs!

In some special cases, telecom operators have been asked to send their representatives to some special categories of users


Call-Based Aadhaar Verification Approved

The curious case of non-exhausting ways to get mobile phones getting linked with Aadhaar is getting even more interesting. In a new notification, Department of Telecom has allowed call-based Aadhaar linking process, called re-verification for all users who have their mobile numbers registered with Aadhaar.

January 1st is the date from when this call-based re-verification will start. Earlier, it was 1st December.

However, in case of NRIs and foreign nationals, they will still need to visit store outlets for completing the verification process.

Besides, senior citizens too will have a new method of linking their Aadhaar with their mobile numbers.

The easiest method: OTP-based Aadhaar, will still take some time it seems, and January 1st is the closest date when this method will get activated.

Are telcos and UIDAI, DoT not on the same page on this massive exercise?

What is causing the delay? We try to explore..

Call-Based Aadhaar Verification From January 1st

Department of Telecom or DoT has finally approved the call-based Aadhaar verification of those mobile users, who have their numbers registered with Aadhaar.

DoT has said,

“The licensee (telecom operator) shall use 14546 as the non-metered short code for IVRS based OTP authentication process the re-verification of mobile subscribers,”

All they need to do is call 14546, and then give their consent to the Aadhaar re-verification process. Once an Indian mobile subscriber whose number is registered with UIDAI calls 14546, he/she will be greeted with this message:

“I hereby give my consent to verify my mobile number and this should be considered as my consent for demographic authentication through UIDAI under Aadhaar Act 2016”

The use will be then prompted to press a key in order to accept the consent.

In case you are not getting this declaration, don’t press the key, and immediately disconnect the call, as it may be a scam.

Interestingly, this method won’t work for NRIs or foreign nationals; and has been only targeted for Indian nationals with their mobile number registered with Aadhaar.

DoT asked to telcos to make sure that the registered mobile users are able to follow this call-based re-verification. They said,

“The licensee (telcos) must ensure that the above-mentioned category of subscribers shall be able to re-verify their mobile connections through these alternative methods by January 1, 2018,”

NRIs, Foreign Nationals Will Need To Visit Outlets

Meanwhile, telcos and DoT hasn’t yet been able to chalk out a system for NRIs and Foreign nationals, as they will have to still visit an outlet, in order to connect their mobile phones with Aadhaar.

Now, DoT has created 3 different categories here:

  1. NRI/Foreigners Not Having Aadhaar: They will need to visit their nearest telecom outlet, and submit the e-KYC process, wherein they will get a OTP to verify. Passport is mandatory here.
  2. NRI/Foreigners Not Having Their Aadhaar or Their Mobile Is Not Registered With Aadhaar: They can visit their telecom operator’s website, and complete a web-based re-verification process. The concerned telecom operator needs to create a system for such verification
  3. Senior Citizens Above 70 Years, Who Don’t Have Aadhaar or Their Mobile Is Not Registered With Aadhaar: A special mini-portal shall be created by their telecom operator wherein a OTP based re-verification process would be completed.

Besides, in some special cases, telecom operators have been asked to send their representatives to these special category of users.

These alternative methods has been mandated to get live by January 1st.

You can find the complete notification by DoT here.

We will keep you updated as receive more updates.

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  1. Ravindra singh says

    Modi government ne paresaani aur mahgai k siva kuchh bhi nahin diya .I waisted 10 days of my life for Notebandi , 4 days for two PAN card for my family members .In this way I lost 14 days and 400 ruppies .

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