UIDAI Approves OTP Based Aadhaar-Mobile Linking; Starting From 1st December

Starting December 1st, anyone can now connect their mobile number with Aadhaar, a process which is being called as ‘re-verification’, using OTP based mechanism.


SIM-Aadhaar Linking

In a huge relief to millions of telecom users, who were finding it hard to visit any telecom outlet for connecting their mobiles numbers with Aadhaar, there is some good news.

Starting December 1st, anyone can now connect their mobile number with Aadhaar, a process which is being called as ‘re-verification’, using OTP based mechanism.

UIDAI, the nodal authority on Aadhaar, has approved this OTP based Aadhaar re-verification, which was proposed by telecom operators.

UIDAI CEO Ajay Bhushan Pandey said,

“Yes, we have approved it. We had a very detailed discussion with the telecom operators, and they have come out with a scheme which is secure and will also be convenient to people,”

We had reported last month that OTP based re-verification of mobile number with Aadhaar would be possible, very soon, which has now been officially approved.

Besides, as we had reported earlier, some new innovative methods to connect Aadhaar-mobile will also be launched, very soon.

February 6th has already been declared as the last date for this exercise.

OTP Based Aadhaar-Mobile Linking: How Will It Work?

There are basically two ways, an OTP based re-verification process will work for mobile users.

  1. Via Portal: Telecom users will need to visit the respective portals of their telecom operator, and visit the section where Aadhaar re-verification is happening. There, they are required to enter their Aadhaar-registered mobile number, after which they will receive an OTP to confirm. Once confirmed, their mobile number would be linked with their Aadhaar instantly.
  2. Via IVRS System: Every telecom operator will create a special IVRS or Interactive voice response system, which would be advertised via newspapers and TV ads. Telecom users can simply call that IVRS, and input their registered mobile number, after which they will receive an OTP. Once confirmed, their mobile number shall be linked with Aadhaar.

Besides, door-step service is also being considered, wherein a team of Govt. staff will visit every home, and enable Aadhaar-mobile linking on the spot.

UIDAI Chief said,

“Mobile companies have assured the UIDAI that they will implement OTP-based verification of mobile numbers by month- end..”

Besides, UIDAI has asked every telecom operator to make arrangements to install biometric devices near the consumers, so that geographical boundaries don’t deter them from linking their mobile numbers with Aadhaar.

Will OTP Based Verification Give Rise To Frauds?

In the past, we had reported how OTP based verification of Aadhaar had been exploited by scamsters to dupe gullible citizens of their hard earned money.

Considering that leading mobile wallets, bank accounts, and now, even taxi-hailing apps, have been linking their customers with Aadhaar, such OTPs can be exploited.

And vulnerable are those who are not that tech savvy, or old age people who have never even used ATMs.

As we had reported earlier, a fraudster may call an old age bank customer, and start with a script like this: “Hello, sir/madam, the bank has decided to link your Aadhaar number with debit card for better customer service.”

All they need is one single OTP, and the robbery would be accomplished.

Hence, readers are advised, not to share their OTP with anyone, under any circumstances.And, input your OTP only at authorized, verified and official portals or IVRS.

Govt. must create more awareness about such scams.

We will keep you updated as we receive more information regarding this new, OTP basd Aadhaar age.

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