Bitcoins Being Used To Purchase Banned Drugs From The Dark Web

Should the bitcoins be banned because of this incident?


Bitcoins Used On Dark Web

Once again, evil usage of a great technological platform has been revealed, and this time, it is drugs.

Delhi Police has caught few guys, who were buying and selling banned drugs, using bitcoins.

And this whole transaction took place within the forbidden corridors of the dark web.

Should we ban bitcoins and dark web because of this incident? Who is the culprit here? The platform or the intentions?

Drugs Being Sold Using Bitcoins in Delhi

Disc Jockey Kamal Kalra, was caught buying banned drug called ecstasy from Mahesh Goyal, who is resident of Dwarka, in Delhi.

As per the police, Goyal used to sell ecstasy and other drugs to rave parties happening in and around Delhi.

When police interrogated Goyal, and asked him how did he get hold of these banned drugs, then he said that he used to buy them from the dark web, and pay via bitcoins.

A senior police official said,

“His (Goyal) interrogation revealed the presence of websites on the dark web where drugs are sold. Further, payments are made using bitcoins..”

As per the details available, Goyal came to know about this hidden process of buying drugs from the dark web when he visited a party in Chennai. After coming back, he he pursued the concerned persons, and received the package via mail, when he paid for the drugs using bitcoins. Then, Goyal contacted DJ Kalra, and they forged an unholy nexus of procuring drugs, and then supplying them in parties.

Now, considering that the matter is concerning both narcotics department and Information Technology department, Police have contacted them both, and suggested the best course of action.

Deputy Commissioner of Police (crime) Rajesh Deo said,

“The matter is being taken up with the Narcotics Control Bureau and Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology to ensure that such transactions are curbed,”

Dark Web & Bitcoin: Unholy Nexus?

Dark web is a part of deep web, and deep web is that part of the web, which is not indexed or cached by any search engine. Dark web is generally accessed using a special software or tool, which is encrypted and cannot be traced. This anonymity helps anti-social elements to flourish.

On the other hand, bitcoin is a type of crypto-currency which is decentralized, and no power has the authority to reign it, as it’s ‘printing’ or ‘mining’ is distributed across millions of computers.

The usage of dark web for buying drugs is not entirely new, as a famous sting by The Guardian newspaper, 4 years back, highlighted this issue.

However, this new norm of buying drugs in India is indeed alarming, and it should alert all. Especially now, when Govt. is considering to stop crypto-currency traders, and have repeatedly issued warnings against usage of bitcoins ; even threatening to invoke anti-terrorism laws against it.

There is certainly exploitation of a technological platform, and maybe, we need some regulation here.

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