ZTE Axon M: A Foldable Phone With 2 Screens and 1 Camera!

After 'Infinity Display', 'Foldable Display' is the new frontier and the race to be the first one is being hotly contested!


ZTE Axon M Launched

After ‘Infinity Display’, a ‘Foldable Display’ is the next frontier smartphone manufacturers are racing to breach. Samsung has been working on a phone with foldable display since a decade, called Galaxy X. It was supposed to be ready for  launch in 2018. Several other handset makers have also been working on foldable smartphones since a long time. Chinese manufacturer ZTE has unleased the ZTE Axon M, which they are claiming to the first smartphone with a foldable dispolay.

No, the ZTE Axon M does not have a foldable display, but has a rather interesting display mechanism. The screen works differently in each of its pre-set modes, which can be selected as per user’s needs.

We will take a closer look at these further down.

Foldable Phone – Really?

Technically, it is a foldable phone. But the screen is not. What the Axon M has are two 5.2 inch, full HD displays, which are mounted on two separate panels joined together by a rather large hinge. When the second display is not in use, it folds around to the back of the phone.

This arrangement, while exciting, leaves the second screen exposed to scratches. Whichever way you set the phone down, one of the screens will always be touching the surface.

Different Folding Modes

The Axon M features 3 unique modes for its display. All three perform different functions and you can choose the one you want depending on your usage needs.

1. Dual Mode

With dual mode, users will be able to open different apps on each screen simultaneously. You can watch a video on one screen and book a cab on the other at the same time!

2. Extended Mode

In extended mode, the two screens join together to form one large screen and offer a viewing experience of a tablet.

3. Mirror Mode

In mirror mode, the smartphone will mirror the same content on both displays. This arrangement has many uses, one of the obvious one being able to watch the same movie while sitting opposite to each other.

ZTE Axon M – Specifications And Features

ZTE is the first company to launch a fully foldable, dual-screen Android smartphone. Let us take a closer look at its specifications and features in detail.


The device comes with a dual-display design which can be folded into a traditional smartphone. ZTE Axon M also has a set of dual speakers and a features a 3.5 mm headphone jack.


The ZTE Axon M sports two 5.2 inch full HD TFT LCD displays with Corning Gorilla Glass 5 protection on top.


The device is powered by last year’s Qualcomm flagship, the Snapdragon 821 which is paired with 4GB of RAM.


ZTE Axon M will run Android 7.1.2 Nougat out of the box.


The Axon M has only one variant with 4GB RAM and 64GB of internal storage.


This smartphone has an interesting camera arrangement. There is only a single 20 megapixel camera on the smartphone which is used as the main as well as the selfie camera. It comes with an f/1.8 aperture.


Axon M packs in a 3,180 mAh battery which supports Quick Charge 3.0 for fast charging.


The smartphone has been priced at $725 (approx. Rs. 47,200/-) in the US and will be sold exclusively by AT&T starting November.

It will soon be available in China, Europe and Japan. ZTE has partnered with major carriers and e-commerce platforms to give maximum exposure to the Axon M.

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