Jio Slashes Lyf Smartphones Prices By 50%; Bundles 5GB Data & Prime Membership

Jio is targeting people looking for an affordable, fully-functional smartphone



Lyf Smartphones Prices Slashed

If you thought that the introduction of Jio Phone, which is effectively free, will move Jio’s attention away from Lyf branded handsets, then you were wrong.

In a move which is clearly targeted towards those segment of their audience who are looking for a fully functional smartphone this Diwali, Jio has slashed the price of handsets by 50%.

And, in order to even further sweeten the deal, 5 GB monthly data and Prime membership has been now bundled together, to make the offer even more lucrative.

This, is a smart move by Jio.

Lyf Smartphones: Cheaper, Yet Even More Data Centric

Two of the hottest selling Lyf branded smartphones: Lyf C459 and Lyf C451 are currently priced Rs 4,699/- and Rs 4,999/- respectively.

These are 4G VoLTE smartphones, and were launched last year.

Now, as per renewed focus on the Lyf brand, Jio has slashed the price of these handsets by 50%, albeit indirectly.

A total of Rs 2,307/- savings can be triggered, if a user decides to purchase one of these two Lyf handsets this Diwali.

These are the benefits involved:

  • Jio Prime membership of Rs 99/-
  • Rs 399/- data plan which includes 1GB data per day and unlimited voice calls for 84 days (unlimited factor has been curtailed, slightly as of now)
  • 5GB extra per month, on recharge of minimum Rs 149, per month for 9 months, which is Rs 1809 total in 9 months

Hence, with these cumulative benefits, the effective price of Lyf C459 and Lyf C451 would now come down to Rs 2,392/- and Rs 2,692/-, down from Rs 4,699/- and Rs 4,999/- respectively.

Pretty enticing indeed, for someone who is ready to invest Rs 3000-4000 for a new full featured 4G VoLTE handset.

Reason Behind This Offer By Jio

Diwali festive sales is the cause, no doubt.

But the real reason behind this offer by Jio is countering Airtel’s similar offer, which they announced yesterday.

In this new scheme by Airtel, they are now offering 4G enabled VoLTE smartphones, which has been priced less than Rs 2000.

As per reports, Airtel will be bundling voice and data along with these low priced handsets, and would be available for both prepaid and postpaid, new and existing users. Having 4-inch touchscreen with 1GB RAM, these sub-Rs 2000 smartphones would be having 1,600-1,800 mAh, along with 8GB external memory and expandable memory.

Pretty much same what Lyf smartphones from Jio are offering.

This means that the battle for hardware has now reached the threshold of Rs 2,000/-, and both Jio and Airtel are jumping into the battleground. In fact, not only Airtel and Jio, but Idea and Vodafone would be also launching these sub-Rs 2000 handsets very soon.

This Diwali, be prepared for some major fireworks, when it comes to smartphones.

We will keep you updated.

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