Jio Phone: Top 7 Questions You Have Asked, We Have Answered!

Jio Phone's imminent sales have put the limelight firmly back on it



Jio Phone FAQs

The Jio phone had successfully generated a lots of hype around itself even before it was launched. Though the exact number is not known, Reliance had to suspend the pre-booking process after it received ‘millions’ of pre-orders in the first round.

But, the Jio Phone is finally on the verge of being available, at least for the people who had pre-booked their phones in the initial offering. We have received one of the early units and we have also done an unboxing and overview video right here in our studio.

Along with its imminent release, people have many questions that need answering. Read on as we address some of the most frequently asked questions.

Q1 When will I be able to buy the Jio Phone?

Although, Jio had promised to start deliveries of the Jio Phone in September, the unprecedented  number of pre-bookings has pushed the actual availability to first or second week of October 2017.

Q2 Does the Jio Phone support Dual SIMs and WiFi Hotspot functionality?

No. The Jio Phone comes in only a single-SIM variant and works only on Jio’s network. Also, it does not have the facility to be used as a Wi-Fi hotspot.

Q3 How much storage do I get in the Jio Phone?

It has 4GB of internal storage, which can be further expanded up to 128GB via a dedicated memory card slot.

Q4 How is the battery performance of the Jio Phone?

It packs in a 2,000mAh battery! For a feature phone like this one, the battery capacity ensures that the phone will keep on running for 2 to 3 days on a single charge, with regular to heavy usage. Jio also claims a standby time of 15 days! Even if you are getting half of what is claimed, it a big win for this phone.

Q5 Does the Jio Phone run on Android?

No. It is powered by Kai OS, which is based on Mozilla’s micro-linux. Jio Phone even has its own app store which offers compatible apps to be used with the phone.

Additionally, it also has Jio’s suite of apps which includes favourites like Jio Music and Jio Movies. There’s a lite version of Facebook available on the phone and a similar version of Whatsapp is being developed specially for this phone.

Q6 Does the Jio Phone have a selfie camera?

Yes! The Jio Phone indeed carries a VGA selfie camera to complement a 2-megapixel primary camera. The quality of images, while not exceptional, is surprisingly good for a phone costing Rs. 1500/-. Especially the selfie camera.

Q7 I have heard that Jio Phone supports voice commands. Is it true?

Yes indeed! Ms. Ambani had demonstrated this feature on stage during launch. We tested this feature and found that this feature works very well, at least with English commands. We expect this feature to be improved with future updates.

So, these are the top 7 frequently asked questions we have received. If you feel, we have missed out any questions that you have, be sure to reach out. We will definitely try and answer those for you.

  1. pardeep says

    sir i got a jiofi device at home. i use my android device and i use jio4g voice for calling. my question is whether i can use jiophone the same way for calling purpose or i have to recharge the sim in my phone every month. thanks

  2. Chaitanya Deshpande says

    All questions are answered. Thank you so much bhai…

  3. Mud says

    This has the potential to be The Ultimate Gaming Machine For The Indian Public! It could introduce a whole new generation of kids to games, which maybe they’ve never seen before!

  4. Mud says

    Biggest question of all: What APPS can/will you be able to, get for it?? …and will the Indian public PAY for them…??!!

  5. Rahul says

    Hi Rohan,

    I guess this is gonna be coolest featured phone ever I mean we can watch movies and Jio music its a debate phone I also wanted to gift this phone to my mom but I don’t when they are start booking again. Well, thanks for the information and I also want to know that does this phone have JioTv? My mom loves watching serial so if it does have JioTv its gonna be amazing.

    1. Rohan Bhogle says

      Hi Rahul,

      The Jio Phone does support Jio TV in addition to Jio Movies, Jio Music and rest of the Jio Suite apps. If you buy the optional cable which connects the Jio Phone to your TV, you can watch all the content on the big screen of your television. So this one should serve your mom’s purpose.

      1. Mud says

        Is the connector capable of both a RF socket AND an HDMI one??

      2. Rahul says

        Thanks for the reply I am glad to here from you.

  6. Sonu Suresh says

    Thank you for all the answers, many of my doubts were cleared because of this.


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