$11 Trillion Combined Market Cap! 11 Interesting Facts About Top 76 Indian Companies

SOme interesting facts you may not know about corporate India.


Top Indian Companies Opt

Hong Kong based brokerage firm CLSA (Credit Lyonnais Securities Asia) has revealed some interesting facts about Indian corporate. These facts have been accumulated after studying top 76 listed Indian companies, having combined market capital of $1 trillion.

Fact #1: Highest Earning Per Employee

HDFC Bank, which has been recently included in the ‘Too Big To Fail’ list of banks, generates maximum earning per employee, compared to any other Indian company. Rs 3.2 crore is what HDFC Bank generated via each employee, compared to Rs 27 lakh per employee generated as an average of BSE500 companies.

Fact #2: Maximum Employees

TCS and Coal India are the only listed companies, which have more than 3,00,000 employees on their payroll. Interestingly, Indian Railways is the organization which employs highest number of employees in India: 13.3 lakh.

Fact #3: Women Employees

With 36% share, Infosys has the highest proportion of women employees, compared to all other listed companies. But in numbers, TCS has the highest number of employees. Their share of women employees is 34%

Fact #4: Lowest Salary of CEO/MD

SBI, Corporation Bank and Bank of Baroda pay lowest salary to their respective CEOs: Rs 30 lakh per year

Fact #5: Salary Difference

If we talk about the disparity between salary of the CEO/MD as compared to the median salary of an organization, then Hero Motocorp beats them all. The disparity between the salary of CEO and an average employee in Hero Motocorp is 731x, while the same is lowest at SBI at 2.5x. No wonder lowest salary to CEO is paid at SBI.

Fact #6: Salary Decline

Mahindra & Mahindra is the only listed company in India, which showcased decline in salary increment for their employees. Compared to last year, average salary in Mahindra & Mahindra declined by 1.5%

Fact #7: Oldest CEO

Premchand Godha who is the CMD at IPCA Labs’ is oldest CEO at this time: 70 years

Fact #8: Biggest Employers

Financial and Technology are the sectors which employees highest number of employees in India: 40% of entire workforce is currently being employed by these two industries.

Fact #9: Size of Annual Reports

Reliance Industries’ annual report is the thickest of them all: 460 pages. While Coal India has the thinnest of them all: 140 pages. Average size of annual reports is 274 pages of listed Indian companies. However, if we take into account annual report of subsidiary financials as well, then L&T holds the record: 5150 pages!

Fact #10: Mention of Demonetisation & GST

The hottest terms this financial year has been demonetisation and GST, and these have been generously used in the annual reports this year. While demonetisation was used 469 times in the annual reports of 61 companies, GST used 351 times by 56 companies. SBI used the term demonetisation maximum time: 29, while RIL used GST maximum time: 26

Fact #11: Online Impact

Right now, Online sales accounts for 9% of all apparels sold in India; and fashion and apparels contribute 30% of overall ecommerce sales in India. For PVR, sale of online tickets increased from 26% in FY15 to 45% in FY17.

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