Freshers Being Fired Indiscriminately From IT Firms; But Hiring Process On In Full Flow!


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India’s IT industry is right now going through a very interesting phase; almost like a paradox. The observer and the freshers may find all shades of optimism, but at the same time, negativity is also creeping in from all sides.

While reports (primarily from Nasscom) indicate that almost all major IT firms in India have rolled out plans to undergo mass-scale hiring of freshers this year, another set of reports claim that the same IT firms are indiscriminately firing freshers, often without any warning as well.

What is the truth here? What will be the future of IT industry in India?

Freshers Being Fired Left & Right?

In an exclusive report by MoneyControl, it has been found that freshers, and employees with less than 1 year experience are being massively fired, often without giving any warning or intimation.

An employee from Tech Mahindra was, in fact, asked to resign when he was about to board the train to reach the location of his next posting.

That unnamed employee said, “When we said we don’t have access to the internal system, we were asked to share our passwords with our friends in the company so they could file our resignations,” He had joined in 2016, was trained in new, emerging technology, and then fired.

In fact, as per Y Kiran Chandra, founding member, Forum of IT Professionals, some of the IT companies are resorting to unfair means as well, in order to indirectly fire fresher employees. For instance, training them in redundant technologies, or shifting them to locations far-off from their preferred choice.

He said, “During the training sessions, they are being continuously harassed and failed deliberately in the tests, thereby creating a hostile situation for the freshers.”

This cannot get scarier than this, especially for young graduates, aiming to build a career in IT industry.

Tech Mahindra hasn’t yet responded, but they are not the only IT company to do that, said the report.

Mass-Scale Hiring Is On Across IT Firms?

On the other hand, another set of reports claim that most of the leading IT firms have rolled out mass-scale hiring programs, across all cities.

As per this report, here are the open positions available across various IT companies:

  • Accenture: 5396 (which is 4-times the number in US!)
  • Capgemini: 2649
  • IBM India: 675
  • Goldman Sachs: 320
  • Dell: 285
  • Microsoft: 235
  • Oracle: 1124

Supporting this development of massive hiring, Infosys co-founder Kris Gopalakrishnan said, “I haven’t seen or heard anything about massive layoffs. There is always tightening of promotion process and I think that will happen automatically.”

And the HR consultancy firms are also supporting this news.

Alka Dhingra, General Manager at IT staffing firm TeamLease said, “We have seen a growth of about 30 percent in fresher resumes this quarter, up from about 24 percent last quarter. Historical data suggests that between 3-5 percent of the people hired are laid off within a year due to their poor performance. We estimate that in the first half of this year, the percentage may have risen to almost 7 percent,”

What exactly is the truth? Are IT firms resorting to selective hiring and firing? Are jobs ‘secured’ in IT companies?

Lots of questions, but very few answers. We will keep you updated..

  1. Happy Room says

    Samati, I agree with you. That it will be foolish to join IT copanies as IT is no more a viable as a career option as it cannot offer a career.

  2. sanmati says

    Nasscom’s objective is to create false hype and increase availabality (crate glut of IT talents) and sothat its members can freely practice the explotative employment practices .
    The lack of career longevity and preference for younger and younger employees and the phenomenon where in companies are firing (by forced resignation) professional with more than 8 years expereince , carry message that it will be foolish to join IT copanies as IT is no more a viable as a career option as it cannot offer a career.
    it is just like another odd job

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