Now, Airtel Postpaid Users Can Carry Forward Their Remaining Data!


Airtel Mobile Prepaid New offers Plans

Bharti Airtel, country’s largest telecom network today announced the launch of Project Next, an extension of Project Leap, which is aimed at improving customer experience. One of the initiatives of Project Next is “Data Roll Over Promise” for postpaid users on Airtel. This will enable users to roll-over or carry forward their remaining data from current month to next month if it is not exhausted.

This has been one of the biggest gripes of Postpaid users, where more often than not, the majority of allocated monthly data went to waste. With the new ‘Date Roll Over Promise’, this will be history.

Airtel should have done this far earlier, but with stiff competition coming from Reliance Jio, they have no choice but to up the game to retain consumers.

Data Roll Over Features

Starting from August 1st, 2017, post-paid customers will be able to carry forward their unused data from current billing cycle to subsequent billing cycle. Interestingly, the customer can keep carrying forward their data from previous months to next month until 200GB data limit is reached. Airtel customers will need to download MyAirtel app where they will be able to keep track of their data.

As part of Project next, Airtel has also announced improvements to their MyAirtel app, website as well as the in-store experience.

Airtel also announced new Family Promise program that will enable postpaid customers to create multiple customised solutions for different family members using the MyAirtel app. The company claims that this family promise program will enable over 20% cost savings to Airtel customers.

Airtel VoLTE Services Launch

Airtel has also made another major announcement today – They have launched VoLTE (Voice over LTE) trials in 5 cities in India. Reliance Jio is the only telecom operator in India who currently offer VoLTE services Pan-India. The company also plans to take VoLTE services across India in the later part of 2017.

VoLTE offers a number of benefits over traditional mobile calling, biggest of which is superior High Definition (HD) calling. The reason VoLTE offers better calling is because the call is routed over 4G LTE data network, instead of the circuit-switched 2G or 3G networks, which are much slower.

We do not have details on the cities where Airtel VoLTE services trials will launch and what is their schedule for Pan-India coverage. Sometime back, Airtel had said that the trials were on in 2 cities of Mumbai and Delhi.

We will keep you posted as more details come in!

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    Good. JioFiber better have this “carry forward” option too, when it finally launches!

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