Airtel Accuses Jio Of Compromising With National Security in J&K By Allowing Services For Prepaid Users; Jio Strongly Denies


Jammu Kashmir FIght

Another war of words has broken out between Airtel and Jio, and this time, the issue of national security has been roped in, which makes the case even more serious.

While Airtel has asked Department of Telecom to cancel Jio’s license in Jammu & Kashmir, Jio has strongly denied the charges and counter-accused Airtel of retaliation.

Airtel: Jio Is Causing National Security Issues In J&K, Cancel Their License

In a direct attack on Jio’s modus operandi of doing telecom business, Airtel has alleged that Jio is offering services to all pre-paid users, which is risking national security, and sabotaging Indian Army’s efforts to kerb violence.

J&K Govt. had asked all telecom service providers to stop providing services to pre-paid users and only allow post-paid users to make and receive calls.

In a letter to DoT, Airtel has said, “By violating the subscriber verification guidelines, RJIL has caused a serious security breach and is therefore liable for punitive action in terms of clause 39.11(i) of the unified licence,”, adding, “…Hence, a more stringent action by cancellation of license of J&K service area should be taken, in line with clause 10.1 (ii) of unified licence agreement,”

Jio: Airtel Is Retaliating & There Is No Difference Between Prepaid and Postpaid

In their counter attack, Jio has presented two arguments:

a) Airtel is just retaliating against Jio by making such allegation. A few days back, Jio had accused Airtel of allowing incoming calls for pre-paid users, even after J&K Govt. has asked them to stop.

b) Jio has said that their business model doesn’t quite distinguish between a prepaid and postpaid user, as both of these customers are paying rentals in advance. In a statement, they said, “There are no differences in the stipulated process to be followed for onboarding prepaid or post-paid customers. Each of the processes has been strictly followed by RJIL in accordance with the stringent norms and guidelines prescribed by the Department of Telecom and the J&K government with regard to subscriber acquisition in the state,”

Hence, in a way, Jio is claiming that since there is no difference between prepaid and postpaid customers, they are not breaking any rules of the land.

Jio has said that they will internally examine the allegations, and appropriately respond; and can even initiate legal recourse, if the case demands.

We will keep you updated as we receive more information.

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  1. Harsh Kohli says

    Don’t be confused by all the news about this, Airtel is trying to spin the story in its favor after breaking the rules of the signal blockade . Literally disgusted by their attitude for using national security has a weapon to hit Jio when Jio caught them letting calls go, this news really needs to be laughed at

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