‘Invisible TV’ From Panasonic Would Be First Launched In India Among Other Countries!



It is official now.

Invisible TV, which is being made by Panasonic, would be first launched in India, among other countries. This way, India will hold the unique distinction of being one of the primary markets for the Invisible TV, which has generated a lot of curiosity in the past few months.

While launching a series of products for the Indian market, Manish Sharma, president and chief executive officer at Panasonic, India and South Asia confirmed this news, when he said, “It’s too premature to say anything about the product as of now. But India definitely will be one of the first few countries where we will launch the product. We are still two-three years away from mass production,”

The price hasn’t been disclosed yet, and the time frame which Panasonic officials are stating is at least two years before the Invisible TV makes its debut in India and other countries.

As of now, Panasonic commands 7.5% share in the overall television market, and it wants to increase their share in the premium range 4K ultra-high-definition television sets.

And the Invisible TV, which has been declared as World’s 1st such TV, can be one of the strongest pillars in Panasonic’s endeavours.

What Exactly Is Invisible TV?

This is a special type of TV, which converts into a glass panel when not in use.

Thus, you won’t be able to recognise when you see a glass pane. However, when you move you hand in front of it or touch it, it suddenly converts into a television.

Panasonic Invisible television

This TV was displayed during CES last year, however, an upgraded version of the same was recently showcased in India and Japan.

In the earlier version, LED screen was used, which has now been upgraded to OLED for a more transparent glass effect, when not in usage. The reason is that LED uses a backlight to illuminate its pixels, while OLED uses self-lighting pixels.

With OLED, the television completely transforms into a glass pane, and any new visitor won’t be able to distinguish it from any other glass pane.

The best thing about OLED screens is that the panel is made up of a layer of plastic sandwiched between two electrodes. Now, when electricity is passed through this plastic, it emits its own light, hence no backlight is required.

And this turns it into a perfect glass panel when not in usage.

This invisible TV will also have a gesture controlled apps, which can play music or movies, depending on the gesture.

The tech-savvy crowd at CES was stunned to watch the Invisible TV, as it successfully integrates science fiction into reality.

We will keep you updated as we receive more information on Panasonic’s plans.

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