7 Major Reasons You Should Start Using VPN Now – Best VPN Services in India!



With the recent malware attacks around the world, the focus is again on the VPNs and how they can help to safeguard systems. It is now becoming imperative to take care of one’s safety while on the Internet and Virtual Private Networks go a long way in ensuring that!


What is a VPN?

VPN or Virtual Private Network is an encrypted form of the secured network formed via public wires to create a Secured Private Network. VPN creates a medium with the help of Public Internet to transport data which no one can intercept.

How a VPN works?

Big companies and government agencies generally use such networks, so no one can intercept or steal data from their server. But the recent Malware attacks have shown, why even a personal computer needs a more secure network, as 99 percent of the malware enters into a computer via the Internet. The network forms an encrypted channel between the client and the host, where no one from outside can enter into it, because of it’s highly secured firewall.

7 Major Reasons Why You Should Start Using a VPN Now

  1. Security and Privacy – VPN offers top-level data security which no one can intercept. Hackers fail to break into the firewall, and hence your system remains in a secured zone. The Internet is a public platform, where your online traces can be found easily. Though with VPN you keep all your data private and safeguard them from public eyes.
  2. Control From AnywhereVPN offers the ease of accessing the network from anywhere. You can remotely use it from home or office or from any other place. This makes your work easy, as you can carry your own network anywhere you want.
  3. Access to Blocked Websites – VPN helps to bypass Internet filters which can help you get access to blocked websites. VPN is a big hit in the countries where Internet censorship is a big issue.
  4. Tracker BlockingVPN can trace any tracker or anyone who is trying to enter into your network and blocks it straightaway. This helps the system to stay away from any form of malware.
  5. Change IP address (No Geographical limitiation) You can change your IP address anytime, and can even use an IP address from another country.
  6. Enhanced Performance The bandwidth in a VPN increases and the level of efficiency of the network improves. Internet performance on a VPN is better compared to a normal network, as no one is able to trace any of your online activity, and even ISPs can’t throttle your bandwidth between different websites.
  7. Reduced Costs The cost to maintain a VPN network is very low. But if you opt for a VPN via your own service provider, the whole setup and surveillance will no more be a concern for you.

Best VPN Services in Indi,

In India there are hundreds of VPN providers operating, but the best ones are –

  • Buffered Buffered is a Hungary based VPN provider with some great options available on their platform like open port detection and DNS leak protection.
  • IPVanishConsidered one of the best to maintain anonymity and privacy, IPVanish doesn’t keep any track of logs.
  • ExpressVPNConsidered the industry leader among the VPN providers, their encryption is one of the highest rated in the world.
  • NordVPNEasy to set up and promises to keep no logs whatsoever, NordVPN is a popular choice for many, and is available on all platforms.

Limitations of VPNs

  • They need to installed carefully, so that when you configure the VPN, it ensures sufficient security, or else the firewall will be of no use.
  • The online based VPNs is not under any direct control, so if they are not configured properly, you have to rely on your ISP for quality service.
  • Some of the ISPs are not compatible with the VPN technology standards, and a mismatch may cause technical complications.
  • In most cases, VPNs are slow and will hamper will your browsing experience!

If you have any questions, do let us know in comments section!

  1. Harry says

    I am using vpn mainly for Security and Privacy and Access to Blocked Websites. I’ve been using FrootVPN for over a year now and I am still quite satisfied with the service. Its cheaper too so I have no issues regarding the payments.

  2. MickelC says

    I dont think India is a dangerous place regarding data security. I have visited India a number of times with out VPN data. Currently i am using ivacy vpn which is used for streaming and Netflixing while i am away from US. I hope it will work fine in security as well.

  3. franck says

    hi did you tried Tunnello VPN

  4. Hyder Kadri says

    Using VPN is legal or illegal ????

    1. Arun Prabhudesai says

      Using VPN is legal…but what you do using a VPN could be Illegal ( but no one can trace that because you are using VPN :)

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