Google Assistant is Coming to iOS Soon as a Standalone App!


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Google Assistant was launched with the Pixel smartphones in 2016, and the company plans to roll it out to other smartphone manufacturers as well. AI-powered digital assistants have become a rage now, considering the increasing number of smartphone users.

Even though Apple has Siri to take on Google Assistant, the latter is planning to launch its assistant for iOS very soon. Google I/O 2017 is going to be held between May 17 and May 19, and the California tech giant may announce it then.

Android Police reports that according to trusted sources, the possibility of this happening is confirmed but the timeline is still a grey area. “The app would likely feature a blend of the “chat” style functionality in the Google Allo version of Assistant and the voice-controlled version found on Android, but again, details are scant,” says the blog.

According to Android Police, the assistant will be made available in the US only at launch, which means that other countries will have to wait for a little before they get to experience it. Apple’s iOS is second only to Android in terms of market share, and it makes sense for Google to launch it for other operating systems.

Will people prefer Google Assistant over Siri?

Siri has a very strong perception in an Apple user’s mind, and that is that it can answer any question very quickly with good accuracy. Google Assistant is not far behind, and its even taken to artificial intelligence to predict the next answer and guess what you might be asking next.

In fact, there are so many ways Google Assistant can be used on your smartphone. It can be used to integrate apps on the platform itself and change the settings from then and there. You can set alarms, reminders, reply to messages, make notes and search for information on the internet from assistant itself.

iOS users might not appreciate the idea of having another assistant on their smartphone, but a lot of users who switched from Android to iOS might want to give it a try. It is difficult to ignore an application that can predict your response in a chat, or one which can be connected to so many devices around you.

It will be interesting to see how Google integrates Assistant on the iOS platform when it launches it officially in the US.

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