IndusOS Is India’s 1st Aadhaar Powered Mobile OS; Has Iris Based Instant Authentication!


Indus OS Aadhaar Mobile OS

IndusOS has become India’s 1st Aadhaar powered mobile operating system after it partnered with US-based Delta ID for iris-based authentication.

With smartphones powered with Indus OS and Delta ID’s technology, all you need to do is just look at the camera for performing any phone related operations. As this iris authentication would be directly embedded with Aadhaar database, the possibilities seem endless for such Aadhaar-enabled smartphones.

You can buy products, make payments to offline merchants, check mail, send messages and more, all by locking your eyes with your camera!

And the best part: Indus OS is 100% Make in India, and supports 12 regional languages, which will make its penetration and reach even wider.

Iris Based Authentication In Indus OS: How Will It Work?

This unique combination of software+hardware will empower the camera of the phone to work like a biometric authentication device. It will scan the eyes of the user, and then the Indus OS will encode the information, and then encrypt it using UID’s public key.

Once encrypted, the software will send the data to UIDAI’s server, which will authenticate the information. If the authentication is successful, then the user can use his or her Aadhaar ID along with the phone for performing a variety of operations, wherein Aadhaar card is required.

Whenever a new authentication is required, the camera powered by the Delta ID software, and the Indus OS will instantly authenticate it, using your iris scan.

Rakesh Deshmukh, the co-founder and CEO of IndusOS said, “The OS will be released across our smartphone brand partners and we foresee 100 million users to be using the Aadhaar-authenticated OS by 2020.”

Indus OS has already been launched in India and Bangladesh and has partnered with Micromax, Intex, Karbonn, Celkon and Swipe, who will be soon launching Indus OS based smartphones.

In fact, Indus OS has also a dedicated marketplace for apps, called App Bazaar, and some of the leading publishers include Microsoft, Snapdeal, EAGames, TrueCaller, CricBuzz, Disney.

What Can Indus OS Do?

The most important thing: It supports regional languages such as Malayalam, Telugu, Tamil, Odia, Assamese, Punjabi, Kannada, Gujarati, Hindi, Urdu, Bengali, Marathi, besides English.

This means language translation and using services in regional languages would now become more easy and seamless. The OS also supports text to speech translation, which will be of immense benefit to the regional user.

The smartphones will not be needing email ids or passwords for registering any service on the mobile. An iris scan would be enough to unlock the phone and make instant digital payments as well.

At a time when Govt. is asking Google and Apple and other leading phone software providers to integrate Aadhaar into their system (a move which is being postponed by them), Indus OS has already developed and launched the infrastructure required for such integration.

We are looking forward to smartphones powered by Indus OS and Delta ID because the future seems exciting with them.

  1. Mud says

    Well – this is obviously a HUGE invasion of privacy! NEVER will I *use* this thing, but anyway, some questions:

    1) Is it REALLY “Made in India” or is it a “2 lines of code added on top of Android” or something?? IF the former, then – Awesome! :)
    2) Will you need it *pre-installed* on a phone you buy, or can you put it on SUBSEQUENTLY any phone, to replace Android or whatever, if you so choose?
    3) If you DO install it, can you tell it (Reliably) to connect to Aadhaar only when YOU tell it, not when IT wants to??

    1. Arun Prabhudesai says

      Please remember, if you are on the internet, your privacy is already invaded!

      1. Ram says

        Why don’t you sell your body to the government then

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