Wipro Threatened With Bio Attack – Rs 500 Cr Ransom Demand in Bitcoins; Anonymous Email Talks About Killing Employees


Wipro Campus

Wipro, which is listed among India’s top 5 IT companies having assets worth $10 billion and around 2 lakh employees on the payroll, has been threatened with a bio attack, if Rs 500 crore is not paid to some hackers, using bitcoins.

In fact, we will not use the term hacker here, but rather terrorists, because they are inducing terror in order to derive some financial benefits.

And the platform, medium which they are using it: Bitcoins, is facing the wrath of the public in large, which is again, unfair.

Wipro’s Bio-attack Scare: Pay Rs 500 Cr or Get Your Employees Killed

As per S Ravi, who is the Additional commissioner of police, cyber crime division of Bangalore Police, Wipro’s Sarjapura Road office in Bengaluru received an anonymous email from “

In the email it has been told that if Wipro doesn’t pay Rs 500 crore in bitcoins, then they will unleash bio-attack against all Wipro employees, using a deadly poison called ‘ricin’.

As per the contents of the mail, the attackers will put ricin in the cafeteria, toilet seats and toilet papers, thereby instantly killing anyone who comes in contact with the poisonous chemical.

Ricin is a naturally occurring lectin produced in the seeds of the castor oil plant, Ricinus communis; and as per scientists, a few grains of table salt of ricin is capable of killing an adult human being.

There have been around 29 incidents of assassinations and killings across the USA, using ricin powder; and most of these incidents have been reported inside offices when ricin was put inside files or letters.

In a statement, Wipro said, “Wipro has filed a complaint with the local law enforcement authorities after receiving a threatening letter from an unidentified source. Wipro has augmented security measures at all its office locations. There is no impact on the company’s operations. We have no further comment as the investigation is going on,”

Last month, Infosys’s Chennai office was threatened with a similar fashion, for demanding ransom. In Infosys’s case, the threat was from anthrax, another deadly chemical, almost as powerful and poisonous as ricin. Investigations are on regarding that case.

Bitcoin’s Public Image Further Tarnished

Although experts are stating this as another hoax, but the police department is not taking the case lightly.

But, the biggest terror which has been unleashed is against bitcoins, which is again being used by terrorists and hackers to scare people.

Bitcoin-powered extortion cases in India is on the rise since few years, as we reported India’s largest such threat wherein hackers pulled off $10 million from two Indian companies in 2015.

Last year, we showcased how banks are being targeted by hackers, wherein ransom is being demanded in bitcoins.

And the direct result of this anti-publicity against bitcoins is that RBI issues warning against bitcoin usage, as if banning bitcoins will stop all such terror and extortion activities as well. Even Govt. can impose anti-money laundering law if bitcoin is being used by anyone.

This, at a time when leading banks are using the technology behind bitcoins: blockchain technology to stop cyber crimes, and to safeguard their interests. At a time when China is planning to replace all their currencies with bitcoin-type virtual currency.

We will keep you updated as we receive more information regarding Wipro’s bitcoin-ransom demand and their bio-attack threat.

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    Ricin takes days to kill. It does not kill instantly as mentioned in the article.

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