Google Duo Now Supports Audio Calling All Over the Globe!



Google announced Duo last year as a standalone video-calling app, and its sibling Allo for simple text messaging. However, both the apps lacked the ability to make regular internet calls to contacts on the app.

A lot of people have been talking about audio calls finally coming to Duo, and the company even announced audio calls from the app in Brazil last month. Now, Google Duo officially supports audio calling worldwide.

Justin Uberti confirmed the same on Twitter today. Even though video call will be the default option, users can make audio calls by swiping down on the screen to toggle between video and audio.

Not sure how it made sense for Google to finish its product almost 8 months after launch, but this feature has been highly requested and something that should have come with the initial launch. Even then, having an app for audio and video calling and one for texting separate makes no sense.

Google says that the audio functionality on Duo is efficient and works on poor connections as well, which is good for developing countries. However, this has not got Duo in the territory of WhatsApp and Skype.

The company has released it worldwide, so even if you haven’t got the update yet, wait for another day or so at max. Duo will not allow you to have a one to one audio call with your Google contact, as well as the usual video call.

Is it worth downloading this app?

I have not used Google Duo much, and have even uninstalled the app, even though I was really excited at first. However, the app is similar to Facetime on iOS or Mac and WhatsApp video on WhatsApp.

Considering everyone uses WhatsApp, it is much much easier to video call with friends there. Even though WhatsApp doesn’t support group calling, it supports texting, audio calls and video calls on the platform, making it much more convenient.

Even Google’s own Hangouts used to have audio, video calls and text messaging on the platform. Google’s heads came up with a strange idea to disintegrate the app into two apps, which made no sense to users and ultimately spoilt the motive.

Whatever be the case, Google has made it more convincing for you to download Duo, and it can prove to be quite useful in emerging markets where internet connectivity is not strong and audio calls are preferred over video calls.

Source: Android Police

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