Tata Motors Unveils TAMO Racemo, an Inexpensive Sports 2-Door Coupe!


Tamo Racemo1

Tata Motors, India’s largest automobile manufacturer, unveiled a sub-brand ‘TAMO’ to develop innovative manufacturing solutions and bring high-performance cars to the Indian market that are easier to build and scale.

At the 87th Geneva Motor Show 2017, being held right now, Tata Motors has unveiled the first car under the TAMO brand – TAMO Racemo. Going by the name, the car is a double-door sports coupe and resembles a high-speed sports car. Geneva Motor Show is one of the largest in the world, where over 50 manufacturers take part.

RACEMO is built on a patented MOFlex Multi-Material Sandwich (MMS) structure – a structural technology, enabling greater freedom in surface design, efficient large-scale part integration leading to modularity and faster time to market. The car will also be the first one to use this technology in India.

Tamo Racemo2

The specifications are as below –

  • Tata’s MOFlex multi-material sandwich structure
  • 2-seater petrol sports car that with a length of 3.835m, width 1.81m and height 1.2m
  • 1.2L 4-cylinder turbocharged engine, 6-speed automatic transmission with paddle shifters, push button reverse
  • 190PS power @ 6500 RPM, 210 nm of torque at 2500 RPM
  • 0-100 kmph in under 6 seconds which is quite impressive
  • Rear-mounted mid-engine, Bi-LED headlights

Powered by Microsoft, RACEMO will connect technologies such as cloud computing, analytics, geo-spatial and mapping, and increase human-machine interface, which means it will be much like the Tesla cars with Microsoft’s cloud software.

Tamo Racemo Interiors

Speaking at the unveil of ‘RACEMO’, Guenter Butschek, CEO & MD, Tata Motors said, “We launched our sub-brand TAMO as our answer to new technologies, business models and partnerships. ‘RACEMO’ is the first innovation from TAMO, and our emotional, unexpected leap to the future. From styling and design to driver experience and technology, RACEMO is an extension of customers’ personality, as part of their digital ecosystem and will break the ice with a radical new presence and pique the interest in the parent brand.”

The car looks very muscular, and has much more presence than DC Avanti. We’re sure the company will modify the production version of the car but we can expect it to look pretty much the same on road.

Tata Motors is going to make just 250 such models of this car, and it will be priced at around Rs. 25 – 30 Lakhs ex-showroom.

Source: TAMO

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  1. SuchindranathAiyerS says

    The Tata names are trite enough to appeal to Bollywoodies. (Racemo? Tigor? Nexon?) The cars might too. Mahindra might skip a beat. I’ll stay Toyota, until India erases its pot holes and speed bumps:

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