Men Are Still Earning 25% More Than Women In India; ICT, Manufacturing Sector Worst In Discrimination



It is 2017, and India is challenging the global superpowers for business and social dominance. But still, women are paid 25% less compared to men, and the figures of discrimination in salaries given out to men and women are alarming.

As per latest Monster Salary Index (MSI) for 2016, Indian men are earning a median gross hourly salary of Rs 345.8, while for the same task, Indian women are earning Rs 259.8, which is a gender pay gap of 25%.

The good news is that this gap has narrowed down, compared to 2015 when the percentage was 27.2; and somewhat closer to 2014 when the gender pay gap was 24.1%.

But still, a lot has to be achieved to make it equal.

ICT, Manufacturing Sectors Worst Affected

Information & Communication Technology Services or ICT has proved to the worst sector for those women, who wish to have equal salaries as men. With gender pay gap of 38.2%, ICT proved to be #1 when it comes to discriminating between men and women.

Men working in ICT sector earned Rs 142.5 more than women working in the same profile and designation.

If we talk about the manufacturing sector, then the gender pay gap stood at 29.9%, which is an improvement of 5% points compared to 2015.

Transport, Logistics & Education Research Sector Best For Equal Pay

Transport and Logistics sector along with Education and Research sector have proved to be the best industry, if someone is looking for equal salaries for both men and women. With a gender pay gap of 7% and 14.7% respectively, it seems there is less discrimination in these sectors.

Besides, hourly median pay of both men and women increased by 7% for education as Rs 203.8 is the average hourly salary, whereas, for transport and logistics, the average hourly salary stood at Rs 264.4.

In the Technical Consultancy niche as well, gender pay gap has been controlled at 18.1% as men are earning only Rs 52.2 more than women in this sector. Average hourly salary in this sector stood at Rs 288.7, thereby becoming third highest salary provider in India.

Other highlights:

  • Legal and Market Consultancy sector witnessed gender pay gap of 27.5% as men are earning Rs 73.9 more than women.
  • In the Health care and Social work sector, gender pay gap stood at 22.6%, one of the highest in India, but below the national average. Men are earning Rs 242.4 per hour, while women are earning Rs 187.6.
  • In Financial Services and Banking Sector, gender pay gap remained at 21.6%
  • IT Industry witnessed men getting 21.6% more than women’s salaries.


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  1. Suniltams says

    Great man is man
    Woman is woman

    There are many things which make both genders different and both have their importance.

    It’s really unfortunate that people try to treat them equally

    Even nature has made both different, how can we dare to treat both in the same manner.

    Woman is far more important than man when it comes to keep the family together and maintaining discipline in families.

    If you give household responsibility to men, it would be a big mess most of the times.

    There are a few things which man can handle better.

    For now, that’s all

  2. Santokh Saggu says

    Women have insatiable desire to marry a man who earns more than her.Its good if men earn more.Otherwise there will be single mother and single father trend which will spread like wildfire fire.Just do research on matrimonial sites all working women have very high attitude very high ego.When a man earns family is created and when a woman earns the family is destroyed.

    1. Manish says

      Thats a bit harsh but I can’t say I disagree. Men have historically been providers. Women are genetically programmed to find strong powerful males to raise their offsprings. Nowadays money and social status = power. Yes cosmopolitan will tell women out there to seek men who are caring, loving even if they earn less than you. But unfortunately no amount of media brainwashing and 21st century feminism can change the genetic makeup of humans.

      Sure there are exceptions but I think in general its tuff for a vast majority of women to respect a man if he earns equal or less than her. She might be ok for first few years but slowly resentment starts building up leading to fights, ego clashes and ultimately a dead bedroom. Like I said there are couples who manage to work it out but seldom I have seen it happen.

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