Directors Arrested For Fraud; Cheated Rs 5.12 lakh On Pretext Of Delivering Car



Although cheating or fraud is a crime related to behavior and psychology, and it can involve culprits from any field of work, when it involves e-commerce sector, then the impact is much more. Not only it tarnishes the image of the whole industry, but also negatively affects the efforts of those, who are genuinely trying to build a digital business.

Another such instance has been reported, when cunning e-commerce businessmen lured and cheated their customer to the tune of Rs 5.12 lakh, and damaged the reputation of the whole industry.

The Modus Operandi Of Cheating

Last year in August, a customer who is working as a Senior Zonal Sales Manager of a reputed company, bought goods worth Rs 2000 from an e-commerce portal named (which is now closed, and domain expired). The e-commerce portal was run by company called H Y L Marketing Private Limited

The customer received the products, and all was fine. However, after few days, he received an email from this e-commerce portal, stating that he has won a Honda Amaze car as a result of a lucky draw. Encouraged and enthused, the customer sought details as to how he can get his reward.

And thus, the trap was laid.

First of all, he was asked to pay Rs 2499 for registration and delivery of the car. Blinded by the joy of winning a brand new sedan, the victim happily paid the charges.

Later on, demands started increasing as the cunning e-commerce directors demanded money for additional requirements, like insurance, color handling, accessories, facilitation charges and so on.

After few months, the victim realized that he has in fact paid Rs 3,18,889 to the culprits.

After he demanded his money back, he started received ‘helpful’ calls from collection agents and lawyers, who stated that if he paid them some more money, they help him in collecting his money back.

Confused, he even paid them money to get his original money back.

By the end of the year, the victim had paid Rs 1,93,000 to these con-men, who had promised to get him the money back. In total, he had paid Rs 5,11,899 to these people, whereas a new Honda Amaze is priced at Rs 5.5 lakh in Delhi currently.

The Action by Police

A case was registered against them by the victim in Hyderabad, and cyber police immediately arrested the Directors of Amit Bidhuri (29) from Okhla, New Delhi and Chandra Shaker Upadhyaya (42), of Noida Sector -49, Uttar Pradesh.

As per Mahesh M Bhagwat, who heads the Cyber Crime Police of Rachakonda, the accused were arrested in Delhi, and have been brought to Hyderabad for further interrogation under judicial custody.

Do take precautions against such Lucky Draws, and more importantly, never pay money to claim a reward; most probably, that is a scam.


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