Snapchat Adds a ‘Search’ Bar on Its App; Brings a Few Design Changes in the Beta Version


The last time Snapchat did something big was when it launched the Snap Spectacles. Post that, the company has been working on its IPO and wants to become as distinguished as possible, but Instagram is quickly catching-up and literally copying everything.

In the latest version of the app, Snapchat has finally added something the users had been waiting for so long. Now there is a ‘search’ bar on the top of the screen that allows you to search for specific stories and snaps.

The search bar is also one to find your friends, or potential friends on the list. As soon as you tap it, the bar shows you a list of friends you would want to send a snap to, or a list of people you might want to add. On iOS and Android both, the app also allows you to see specific posts or stories from agencies or celebrities.

Snapchat has become a lot more than just a photo-sharing app, as large organisations, magazines and even news channels have started publishing stories, events, photos and videos to bring their content on this platform.

The CNBC reports, “Once you have searched for a friend in the newly designed search bar, you can tap the card to chat or tap the story or thumbnail to view their story full screen. Users can also press and hold on the card to see that Snapchatter’s mini profile.”

Beta version introduces small design changes

Like with any update, this one also adds a few design changes to the app. Starting with the bitmoji, that has always been on the top, now has been shifted a little to the left of the search bar. It can tapped to access your profile from any screen.

Snapchat has also made the scrolling on the stories screen very smooth. Now instead of a rapid scrolling, it now has a smooth scrolling pattern like the other apps these days. The company has also made ‘Our Story’ possible to be accessible by everyone. As the Snapchat team deems it appropriate, the story will get added to the discussion.

This works well for publishers and news content teams who wants their content to be out there on this platform, accessible to millions of people. However, it won’t work unless Snapchat allows longer videos, which is what these companies are looking for.

As Snap gears up for IPO, it intends to make its app as simple as different as possible from its competitors. It had become a rage amongst the teens, but unfortunately it has been losing out business because of Instagram and Facebook. The new update makes a little unique, but not different enough to improve its importance in the app stores.

If you want to join Snapchat Beta on Android, sign-up through your Google account here and wait for an update on the Google Play Store.

Source: CNBC

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