Amazon Takes Patanjali International; Patanjali Products Will be Sold in 9 Countries!


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It is a classic strategic move by two brands – a marriage of business practices which will break boundaries and induce a new form of tactical expansion never witnessed in India.

World’s largest ecommerce portal, Amazon has decided to sell India’s fastest growing FMCG company, Patanjali in international markets. As per reports coming in, Amazon has planned to sell Patanjali’s products across 9 countries which include US, UK and Japan, commanding 300 million customers.

The intensions are pretty clear: Amazon wants to utilize the growing popularity of a brand, which will kill two birds with one stone. On one hand, Amazon will target those customers who are keen on trying out an Indian brand, which has proved themselves. And on the other hand, Amazon India would get automatically associated with a brand name which a dedicated set of consumers trust and follow.

International expansion will bring in a new source of revenue for Amazon, while brand awareness in India will increase. In fact, once Amazon gets associated with Patanjali, then Flipkart can face some heat, as overnight, Amazon would become more ‘Indian’ than Flipkart.

Patanjali is anyways giving tough competition to leading FMCG companies like Dabur and ITC; and after Amazon’s partnership, they can become invincible.

Patanjali is not the only Indian company with whom Amazon is planning long term, strategic partnership for venturing into International markets.

Gopal Pillai, ?head of seller services at Amazon India, said, “We are in talks with the top 100 Indian brands. We can’t comment on the specific partnership (with Patanjali). Many of the brands have also become sellers on the Amazon platform.”

As per various indications, Amazon will soon sell products from apparel majors FabIndia and Biba, Liberty Shoes, bathroom fittings firm Hindware, and ayurvedic product producer Organic India in the International market; and recently, they have announced partnership with Amul as well.

Amazon Will Sell Amul In International Market

Black Friday, which is an annual online sales event in US, will witness international debut of major Indian dairy products brand Amul. On Friday, 25th November, Amul would be available for first time on Amazon’s Global Selling Platform.

Gopal has admitted their Amul plan, as he said, “We are happy to announce an online exclusive partnership with Amul, the iconic and most loved dairy brand in India, giving Amul the access to new age digital shoppers. We are taking the brand to the doorstep (of consumers) across the country (US)”

Already, there are 18,000 sellers offering 25 million+ products on Amazon’s Global Selling Platform; and by using iconic Indian brands like Amul and Patanjali, Amazon wants to attract newer audience and diversify their customer base.

We will keep you updated as more details come in.

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