Jio Call Drop Rate Fall to Just 28% As Telecom Firms Come Together To Help Consumers; Calls To Idea Has Lowest Drop Rate!


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Things are settling down within Indian telecom sector as the top players are learning to co-exist and co-operate within the same environment. They have understood that the tsunami called Jio is here to stay, and there is no point in fighting among themselves.

The biggest beneficiary here is the consumer.

As per latest data shared by Jio, their call drop rate has massively slashed to 28%, as recorded for November 7th. This comes as a huge relief for crores of Jio users, who were feeling trapped between the telecom wars.

Idea has been specially mentioned as the telecom provider with lowest call drop rate (when calling from Jio to Idea).

However, as per TRAI’s regulations, only 0.5% calls should drop, which is 5 calls out of 1000. The call drop numbers are still very high, but things are improving.

A Jio official said, ‘’The situation has improved significantly and is going to get better over the new few weeks,”

Jio User Rejoice As Call Drop Rate Reduces

As on November 7th, 2016, 30 crore calls were made by Jio users to top three telcos: Airtel, Vodafone and Idea.

Out of this, roughly 8.5 crore calls failed, which is 28.3% of overall calls dropped. Compared to this, around 50-60% calls were dropping last month for the same telcos.

Here is a breakdown of call drops for calls made via Jio to other telcos:

13.81 crore calls were made from Jio to Airtel, out of which 34% were dropped

8.79 crore calls were made from Jio to Vodafone, out of which 26.7% calls dropped

7.48 crore calls were made from Jio to Idea, out of which 18.9% were dropped

Thus, Idea customers witnessed lowest call drop rates.

Telecom Operators Helping Each Other

This massive reduction in call drops was witnessed after telecom operators decided to help one another, and ensure customer’s experience is not hampered.

After fight broke out between Jio and other telcos, TRAI had to intervene and impose a fine of Rs 3050 crore.

But things have changed now.

Earlier this month, Airtel informed TRAI that they will provide 7000 additional Interconnection points to Jio for smooth calling experience for Jio customers.

Meanwhile, Vodafone promised to provide additional interconnection points to support 5 crore customers of Jio.

Such additional interconnection points helped Jio customers to make more calls to Airtel, Vodafone and Idea, and call drop numbers dropped significantly.

The real test would begin post-December 31, 2016, when the welcome offer by Jio ends. We will keep you updated as more details come in..

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  1. Rajesh Dedhia says

    My experience do not allow me to agree to this. Above that, now bad calling experiences have begun with Mtnl & all landlines including Reliance & Tata. Sound gets blocked suddenly in between the call & never gets restored. I need to disconnect the call & dial. Again the call gets muted after a few seconds and sometimes after a minute or two. This behaviour is very random but the percentage of occurence is more than 50% of calls since last 10 days.

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