LG is India’s Most Attractive Brand, Followed by Sony & Samsung Mobiles; FMCG Has the Highest Attractiveness Influence


LG, Sony to Exit from Entry Level Smartphone Market in India; Stiff Competition from Local Players

The biggest report for all foreign and local brands in India, the India’s Most Attractive Brand 2016 report is out by TRA research. Samsung Mobiles was crowned the leader in 2013 and 2015, but has been dethroned this time by a lesser known but more attractive brand, LG.

Attractiveness, that magnetic force that brands subliminally exert on their audience, is a facet that brands are finding themselves increasingly needing to build in order to draw more and more consumers to not just be brand users but be brand advocates, transmitting their brands to everyone they meet.

Brand management is also one of the most important works undertaken by a company, because a brand image can do magic for the company even if the quality of products and services isn’t upto the mark.

The top 10 most attractive brands in that order are –

  1. LG
  2. Sony
  3. Samsung Mobiles
  4. Honda
  5. Samsung
  6. Bajaj
  7. Tata
  8. Maruti Suzuki
  9. Airtel
  10. Nokia

It is funny to note that Nokia still remains in the heart of people, even though it doesn’t any longer has new phones coming in. However, the company will be coming up with a new set of smartphones by next year and we cannot wait for them!

The report mentions, “LG has taken the crown of India’s Most Attractive Brand for the year 2016. The South-Korea-based Consumer Electronics giant has slowly but steadily been bettering its rank over the three issues of the India’s Most Attractive Brands Report, going from being 4th in 2013 to being 2nd in 2015 and ultimately 1st this year.”

Bata ranks 12 and Hero Motocorp ranks at 16, that shows that these brands are still in the eyes of the consumer. Surprisingly, Apple is at number 18, which is far from the perception of the common man that Apple is a premium brand and hence overly attractive.

Brand Attractiveness and category leaders

FMCG category has the highest Attractiveness Influence (AI). Also, the reappearance and

dominance of the Bath and Beauty product sub-category within this Super-category is something to remark on. The products in this subcategory aid Attractiveness as a whole, and it isn’t a stretch to presume that these particular products would themselves weigh higher on the factor of Attractiveness Influence. The FMCG Super-category’s AI is 9% higher than that of the next category, Automobiles, which has jumped from the fourth place last year to the second this year.

Attractiveness Influence of Top 20 Categories comes in just 1% AI behind the Automobiles Super-category at the third spot this time round. The Durables Super-category comes in at the fourth rank, a good 13% behind the previous category. A large distance behind in terms of Attractiveness Influence, arrives the fifth category, Personal Gadgetry, lagging Durables by 29%.

The report is a big one swept across different categories. However, it is interesting to note that in most of these categories the Indian brands do not fare better than foreign brands and that is also hurting their image.

Will Indian brands be able to make it to the top?

In Media atleast, Zee TV has the highest attractiveness quotient, followed by MTV and Star Plus. However, the Indian brands lack a certain image, which could be due to the fact that the quality isn’t at par with foreign brands.

Another reason is that Indians in large cities prefer brands that are not Indian, to adjust to their lifestyle and it has become a culture in these places. For example, even if an Indian smartphone makers like Micromax comes up with a premium phone at par with Samsung Galaxy S7, the S7 will be preferred because of brand perception.

It will take some time for Indian brands to compete at the level of foreign brands, but the recent campaigns from the Prime Minister in India can definitely offer them an advantage to improve their image in the country.

Source: TRA

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