Local Trade Bodies Claim 40% Decrease in Made In China Sales This Diwali; Is #BoycottChinese Working?


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The brand value and power of ‘Made in China’ has certainly shaken, and stirred after calls for #BoycottChinese erupted across social media in India.

Although some Chinese companies reported bumper sales this festive season, and state-run Chinese media has mocked such anti-China campaign in India; facts are slowly emerging regarding the actual impact of this whole fiasco.

Few regional trade bodies in India have claimed that products from China are witnessing massive 40% lesser sales this festive season, a fact which they mainly attributed to various campaigns launched against China.

In the wake of Pakistani strike against Indian military, heightened nationalist emotions are running across the country; and because China openly supports Pakistan and has blocked India’s request to ban terrorist organizations in Pakistan, social media, and political leaders have called for widespread boycott of Chinese products across the nation.

Chinese Products Are Being Ignored By Indians Now?

Rajasthan, a state which shares long border with Pakistan has become the first to declare that #BoycottChina has impacted sales of Chinese products.

As per various reports emerging, best selling Chinese products such as electronic items, LCDs etc have witnessed reduced sales of 10-15%, while mobile phones witnessed 2% decline in sales.

Another hot selling Chinese products during Diwali: Decorative lights, has witnessed 40% decline in sales, all across the state.

This fact was stated by Suresh Agrawal, who is the President of Federation of Rajasthan Trade and Industry (FORTI). He said, “In an internal survey, we found that the sale of decorative Chinese lights and other similar products has declined by 30-40% in recent days. Demand of electronic items like LCDs and others made in China has also declined by 10-15% while this impact is 2% on mobile phones,”

In Jaipur, which is the capital of Rajasthan, similar vibes are being felt as buyers are intentionally asking for Indian products, rather than Chinese this Diwali.

Ajay Vijayvargiya, secretary of Jaipur Vyapar Mahasangh, said, “Consumption of Chinese goods has fallen in recent days. Be it decorative items or other product, people are preferring Indian products over Chinese goods. Looking at trend, traders are also avoiding placing orders for Chinese goods,”

Some traders have informed PTI that compared to last year, they have ordered less items from China, due to ongoing tension and calls for boycott, but that hasn’t affected their business as Made in India goods are now bought with more enthusiasm.

A trader who deals with decorative lights said, “The sale is no doubt down this time. Most of the customers are demanding Indian lights. The impact of the call to boycott Chinese products is high. Last year, I ordered goods worth Rs 10 lakh approximately, but I have not ordered that much (this year),”

With Diwali still a week to go, it would be really interesting to observe how much actual impact has #BoycottChinese on import of Chinese products into India this festive season. We will keep you updated as more details come in..

In case you are a trader/merchant, and deal with Chinese products, then do share your reaction and feedback on this issue, by commenting right here!

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