Vodafone Launches Unique ‘FLEX’ To Offer True Flexibility Across Voice, SMS & Data


Vodafone FLEX Launch Event

India’s 2nd largest telecom operator, Vodafone has now launched a new range of recharge packs called FLEX for offering true flexibility to its prepaid subscribers.

“90% of customers prefer to use prepaid and Vodafone FLEX has been specially designed with the singular objective of making the user experience of the hundreds of million prepaid customers simpler, richer and more enjoyable. It gives prepaid customers total control with the flexibility to use their Flex as per their individual choice and usage style – more for voice or more for data – offering greater value for money,” said Sandeep Kataria, Director – Commercial, Vodafone India on the launch of Vodafone FLEX.

Currently, the telecom operators offer bonus/rate cutter/special packs for reducing the call and SMS rates as per the needs. However not everyone (who recharges with these special packs) uses the full benefits offered by these bonus packs.

So an average user who doesn’t use these packs ends up paying more rate per call, SMS, and data. Those who use internet without data packs are charged between 2-5p/ 10KB which translates to Rs. 2-5/ MB.

Prepaid mobile users don’t have any flexibility in their usage style and that is why Vodafone India has come up with FLEX recharge packs.

“Vodafone FLEX goes much beyond a conventional pre-paid tariff plan. Vodafone FLEX customers can carry forward their unused FLEX, keep a tab on their exact usage, and enjoy savings of up to 25%, all this with a single recharge valid for 28 days,” said Vodafone in the press release.

What Is Vodafone FLEX?

Recharging a FLEX pack would fetch the users some FLEX points which can consumed for voice calls, SMSs, internet, and roaming.

In other words, FLEX packs would get you some FLEX points which would be counted against your usage.

Vodafone FLEX Illustration

You can use 1 FLEX point against either 1 MB 2G/3G/4G data, or 1 SMS, or 1 minute incoming call on roaming. 2 FLEX points can get you either 1 minute of local/outgoing call, or 1 minute of outgoing call on roaming.

How To Choose A FLEX Pack?

As of now, Vodafone is offering 4 FLEX packs across the Maharashtra & Goa telecom circles. The packs start from Rs. 118 to Rs. 398 each having a validity of 28 days.

Vodafone FLEX Recharges
Pack FLEX Points Outgoing Local/STD Calls (Mins) Outgoing Calls Roaming (Mins) Internet SMS Incoming Calls Roaming (Mins)
Rs. 118.00 325 162.5 162.5 325 MB 325 325
Rs. 194.00 700 350 350 700 MB 700 700
Rs. 296.00 1200 600 600 1200 MB 1200 1200
Rs. 398.00 1750 875 875 1750 MB 1750 1750

Based on your usage you can opt for a higher denomination FLEX recharge and get cheaper FLEX points. For e.g.: If you consume less than 1 GB data, 5 minutes of voice calls daily, and a couple of SMS in 4 weeks, then you should go for Rs. 296 pack offering 1200 FLEX points.

Vodafone FLEX holds the potential to bring about new range of recharge packs in the existing telecom market that is offering stale and boring recharge packs.

If you are a Vodafone customer then you should give FLEX recharge a try and see how that works for you. And of course, do share your thoughts about Vodafone FLEX with us.

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