Airtel’s New Rs. 51 1GB 3G/4G Mobile Data Plan Is Just a Big Gimmick!


Airtel Mobile Prepaid Postpaid Data Tariff Plans

Airtel today introduced a ‘Mega Saver Pack’ for mobile prepaid user, which according to them is “Airtel’s latest prepaid Innovation” – in this plan, data users will be able to enjoy 1GB of 4G or 3G for just Rs. 51. Prima facie, these plans should bring about a huge smile on Airtel customers, but that’s not the case.

Here is the reason:

Customers will first need to pay upfront charges of Rs. 1498/- and then they can enjoy unlimited number of 1GB 4G/3G recharges @ Rs 51 over the next 12 months. They also have another plan which costs Rs. 748 for the pack and then again customers can enjoy unlimited number of 1GB 4G/3G recharges @ Rs 99 over the next 6 months.

These Plans Are Actually Worst than Existing Ones


From an average mobile data user perspective, these plans work out to be much more costlier than even existing plans – Here is how.

Majority of prepaid users generally use 1GB of mobile data every month – which costs around Rs. 150 (for 3G) to Rs. 200 (for 4G).  So, in a year, Airtel customer will pay Rs. 1800 (for 3G) and Rs. 2400 (for 4G).

With this new plan, you will pay Rs. 1500 upfront and then Rs. 50 (rounded off for calculation purposes) every month which comes to

Rs. 1500+ (Rs. 50X12) = Rs. 2100

So, if you are using 3G, you will be paying Rs. 300 more than what you pay every month.  If you are on 4G, you may save Rs. 300. But, again you are paying a large amount upfront and so you are already committing that much amount. In most cases, for a saving of Rs. 300, one will think twice before subscribing to this plan.

However, here is the kicker – 3G and 4G mobile data rates are expected to tumble big time after Reliance Jio launches commercially. They are expected to be halved if not more! So, by the end of the year, even if you are using 4G, you will end up saving more money!

Why Did Airtel Launch Such a Plan?

Airtel launched this plan, precisely for the same reason – they want customer to commit themselves to Airtel network for a year or atleast 6 months with this plan. With impending Jio launch, they don’t want customers to port out to Jio due to mobile data benefits they are expected to offer.

Recently, Airtel has also reduced their prepaid mobile data tariffs by nearly 50 percent – All these steps to ensure that customers don’t move away from their network!

Note: In few cases, when a user uses more than 2-3 GB a month, this plan may end up saving you money – but again are you willing to commit for a year?

  1. sogz says

    I think airtel should give better offer. Its too expensive comparing to others. Its going down the drain since the offers offered by the airtel company are just no no.


    worst Company….# Airtel can’t trick the people any more…..#Jio rocks…..#other companies need to follow the trend…otherwise these companies will be no where within one year…

  3. Zain says

    Airtel plans are too expensive, They just want to make money any How by cheating people

  4. bharat says

    I think your calculations are absolutely foolish. I stream lots of music and do lots of browsing and navigation on mobile data and for me I need 5 GB of data per month.

    Using this pack I can get 1500/12 = 130 rent per month.
    250 Rs for 5 GB.
    So, that is 130 + 250 Rs = 380 Rs for 5 GB. Currently I get 1.5 GB for paying 350 Rs. I get 5GB only if I pay 999 Rs.

    This plan is for heavy data users. Somebody who uses 1 GB should not use this at all…

  5. Gurpreet singh says

    This would not work first you are charging money but jio is providing it free you should less the prices of data and calling that everyone think about you before taking jio aim these kind of plans would not work so calculationin above by mr Arun Prabhudesai is totally right that if we calculate this it is 176 rs per month it got the same what you are giving now tricks with customers are always avoided by customers ..

  6. Vicky says

    Wrong Data. Bad grammar. Too many assumptions. Most people use 1 GB data because data is costly. The whole point of such an offer is to increase data usage. It is for people who want to consume more data. There is something called a target audience.

  7. Rahul Gupta says

    Calculation is totally wrong. Current rate of 1 GB data is 265 for 28 days in Airtel. Based on that calculation. This plan is useful for 1 year.
    Currently i spend 265*12 = Rs 3180 for 12 GB of data in one year.
    With this plan, i will get approximately 33 GB of data for same amount.
    (3180 – 1498 = 1682 => 1682/51 = 33 GB)
    And if i stick on 12 GB of data, i will save Rs 1000 in a year.

    The user who is using 1 GB or more data in a month will take this plan.

  8. Rajesh says

    guys,this plan not gives you any benefits if you’re use 1gb\m but if use more than 1gb/m it’s really saves our you have to think before recharge it.

  9. Vimalkumar says

    Don ‘ t cheat customer using this type of offer. Now all the customer think the value value of money.

  10. Ramachandra says

    Bad plans just wanted to cheat the customers using data

  11. Brown F. says

    Are you actually stupid or other Telcos are paying you for this article? I cant imagine a life with 1 GB 4G data in my phone. Calculate again with 5GB of data. Even 3GB of data will make some difference in the pricing here.

    1. Arun Prabhudesai says

      No, we are not actually stupid. The thing is that you are an exception. Majority of users dont use more than 1GB a month.. and to clarify, we have clearly mentioned that for people who use higher data, it might be cheaper…but again you are tied for a year with it..
      Think if on 1st sept, Jio launches 10GB for Rs. 100 or even 5Gb for Rs. 100…where will you stand?

      1. Brown F. says

        Go with the calculations again. ‘It might be cheaper’ is such an understatement. And people have trusted brand airtel since ages, why would another year make any difference to them? Sure Jio-Baniya guys had paid you or have a toll on you somehow. Don’t just go blasphemous for any organization before digging about them. Reliance has always been a cheater. I wonder how will they keep up this time. Good luck with your brand-defaming campaign.

        1. Afubindia says


          being rigid is 1 thing and understand same is different, jio is now giving 28/30 geegz in 303 +99 one yr subscription fee, really u wanna miss it,

      2. Jayaprakash says

        I really appreciate your response..depends upon my opinion this plan seems to be useful to Lots of people who are all using 3g handsets. See, some of the customers only using 4g mobiles. The jio network working only in 4g supported handsets know.? For that convenient purpose we going to purchase a new mobile that may wast of our cost. So this Plan is partially good but could have been reduced the price..

        Thanks & Regards
        Jaya Prakash N

  12. chandu says

    Dude, I think your calculations are not fine. Its says that upfront you gonna get 1gb and latter you need to pay 51 for each GB. So, 1498/12=125 . In total you are getting 1 GB data for 125, which is currently now 255 , please check in aritle official data plans. As per your article , average user , who consumes 1GB can spend just 125 instead of 255. If he uses 2GB it will be 125+51, 3GB it will be 125+51+51 . Infact, this offer is a great boon to its customers . Please correct me if I am wrong.

    1. Arun Prabhudesai says

      No… 1498 is upfront fees for the pack which does not include 1GB each month

    2. Arun says

      Tushar Tajane you are paying upfront Rs. 1498 (Which only gives you 1GB benefit) after which you will pay Rs. 51 for each subsequent recharges.. which is again valid for 28 days… So you will end up paying (If you use 1GB per month). And because it is 28 days validity, you will have to recharge more than 12 times through the year…

      Rs. 1498 + (12X51) = 2110.
      So if you calculate you are paying around Rs. 176 per month for 1GB of data. In addition you will not get any benefit in next 12 months the data prices go down… And what if Jio launches something like Rs. 50 per GB.. you cannot even move away from Airtel due to this plan

      1. Arnav says

        You are incorrect on all counts..with this plan you can enjoy 2-3 GB of data at the current price of 1 GB in a month (after factoring in the upfront charges)..calculate for yourself..whereas earlier you could do only basic browsing within 1 GB, with this plan you can even watch some it is a win-win..further, prices are only going to go down with all the competition…

  13. kundan says

    Its 51 rs extra only if data exceeds 1 gb.
    So in case you use only 1gb in month you will pay 1500 now instead of 1800.
    So its saying of 300 rs yearly.
    Only problem is everything is prepaid,so you are in loss if you want to port your number.

  14. Ankit says

    I am an Airtel user.
    I use 3G data which cost me around Rs 255-259 per month (1 GB per month is my usage).

    I know, this plan is worthless because what if they are not able to provide good service for next 1 year?

    It is like asking your customer to keep money in eWallet rather than bank account.
    In terms of marketing, they are also focused at increasing revenue of Q3 2016 which might be lagging.

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