Relax! Google Will Not Kill Hangout To Make Allo-Duo As Default Messaging Apps

Google will kill Hangout and make Allo-Duo default app?
Google will kill Hangout and make Allo-Duo default app?

In the month of May this year, during Google’s I/O Event, two new messaging apps from Google were announced: Allo and Duo.

While Allo uses Google Assistant to provide simple text based chat, Duo is video chat application.

So far so good. But Internet users were shocked to discover news which claimed that Google can very soon kill Hangout, and make Allo and Duo as the default messaging app. Considering that Hangout performs these two tasks right now, this news about killing of Hangout does make some sense after all.

How far is this rumor true? We investigate..

Google Tester Reveals Sizzling Information On Reddit

A Reddit user whose username is ‘LTNGNX’ claimed to be a beta-tester for both Allo and Duo apps, and claimed to have some insider information regarding the fate of Hangout.

Few days back, he shared on Reddit that Google will merge Allo and Duo into one platform, and by the time Android Nougat, the new version of Android OS is launched, Hangout would be phased out gradually.

While replying to a question, he said: “Allo and Duo will be default apps on Android N, while messenger app will be gradually phased out.

Hangout will be phased out little by little on mobile devices. It will still be around because it is used a lot (believe it or not) on businesses.”

He also claimed that Allo would compete against Apple’s iMessage and Duo would fight Facetime app which is widely used by iOS users for video chats.

This user, who claimed to be a third level beta tester, also said that Allo would be allowed only on one mobile device at a time, and then gradually introduced to desktop sites.

He clearly stated, “Allo is the future and once it reaches feature parity with Hangouts, it will fully replace Hangouts on everything it does.”

As per this tester, Allo will have both SMS and Google Voice Support features.

XDA-Developers Claim Hangout Would Not Be Phased Out

Earlier this week though, a credible and hugely followed community of developers and testers claimed that the rumor is all false, and Hangout will not be phased out, anytime soon.

The post on XDA-Developers also claimed that the credibility of ‘LTNGNX’ is questionable, as there exists no ‘third level beta tester’ within Google.

XDA had been contacted by a source, who is close to the matter, and its credibility was trusted by XDA, although he wished to be unnamed. This trusted source revealed:

  • There is no such thing as a third level beta tester. There are Googlers, trusted testers, and friends and family.
  • Neither Hangout nor Messenger will be going anywhere.
  • Allo only supports Allo messages at this time, there is no cross-app messaging, Google Voice or SMS support.

Thus, this means that Hangout’s platform including visual appeal, messages and features would be separate, having no connection with Allo’s platform and messages.

Let us note here that Google has neither confirmed this development nor denied it. In May, when Allo and Duo were launched, Google had assured that Hangout wont be killed.

We will keep you updated as more information comes in.

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