Finally, Prisma Is Available On Google Play. Is It Ready For Prime Time?


The much talked about imaging retouching and sharing app Prisma is now available for download on Google Play. The app was available for use during a limited beta period and we were fast enough to do the review of Prisma app, before its Android servers were taken offline. Prisma is one of the most trending Android app at the moment.

Prisma effect

In case you don’t know, Prisma is an image retouching app which can convert your photos into a piece of art using various filters. So you might be wondering as to what’s so interesting about the app. Right?

For starters, you must understand that it is not like Instagram or PicsArt or any other such app that lets you apply filters over your photos. It is different. It works using a combination of AI and neural networks.

How Prisma Works?

Please note that converting images via Prisma takes some time as the app doesn’t just apply filters over images, but it uses artificial intelligence for creating the image again from scratch. These images look much more real than the filtered versions created by other similar apps.

All you have to do is select the image you want, select the filter of your choice, adjust the filter intensity, and wait for the final image which can then shared on social networks.

Prisma app was first released for iOS and has since been used to convert more than 400 million images. The app has also been downloaded over 10.6 million times on iOS.

Going by such a huge demand for the app, we expected it to be an instant hit on the Google Play as well. The app’s servers are frequently overloaded due to extremely high usage as it uses cloud-based image processing. When we tried to convert a few images we also encountered “Prisma is over capacity” error. This is normal at this point of time and would be resolved soon.

Prisma over capacity

Prisma comes bundled with a lot of effects including that of some popular artists. The question whether the resultant image would look pleasing or not depends upon your choice of filter. If you are not happy with the outcome of one filter, then do try out other filters until you are happy with the result.


Prisma will actually convert normal boring images into artistic paintings. Do try out the Prisma app now and let us know what you think of it.

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