GSMA launches ‘Mobile Connect’ in India; A Universal Authentication Method


Mobile Connect

Groupe Spécial Mobile(GSM) Association, a global organisation that reflects the interests of telecom operators worldwide, has launched its secure universal log-in solution, Mobile Connect, in India.

This kind of a digital authorization is the next level of getting into websites, without the need to remember passwords and usernames. GSMA promises that it is safe and secure, and no personal information is shared with the ISP or app owners without consent.

At the launch, Mats Granryd, Director General at GSMA, said, “India is already the world’s second-largest mobile market and as the country enters a new phase of mobile industry growth that will unlock far-reaching social and economic benefits, it is critical that consumer security is ensured at all times.”

The best part about this service is that you will never have to remember passwords and usernames the next time you login into the websites, since Mobile Connect will be authorizing the log-in for you. With so many websites requiring login credentials these days, it makes sense to have a one-stop solution for this problem.

How does it work?

All major telecom operators like Airtel, Idea, Vodafone, Tata Teleservices, Telenor and Aircel are offering Mobile Connect solutions in India. If you’re on one of these mobile service providers, you have two ways to go about using Mobile Connect.

While using an application or a website, if you see the Mobile Connect logo, simply click that and it will request you to sign-up. If not, then you can sign-up with your service provider by calling them up and receiving sign-up details through text, email or customer care.

Once you have successfully registered for the service, you will be prompted every time while browsing websites or logging into applications. You may click ‘OK’ to login, or if the website demands stricter login, the registered pin or code will have to be entered to authenticate the sign-in.

You can get more information on the same on Mobile Connect Website.

How safe is it?

Usually with websites these days, there is a problem of ‘remembering passwords’ and users do not feel safe and secure in storing passwords online, owing to phishing attacks. Identity steal has become a little common nowadays, as technology advances.

Mobile Connect does not need your password to login, it just needs your mobile phone number and mobile phone to authenticate. Unless your phone is lost or has been stolen, you can depend on Mobile Connect to allow secure login to the websites online. If your phone has got lost or stolen, you can let your telecom operator know and block the account.

Mobile Connect can also be used for authenticating payments online, which might require personal information, but that will be transmitted only if you provide consent for it. GSMA does not reveal any information to the website owners unless you request it to.

If you’re one of those that keep forgetting their login credentials, this app is just for you! No more worrying with usernames and passwords, no more storing information on your computer either, register with GSMA as soon as possible.

Source: IANS

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