Airtel, Singtel Partner to Provide High Speed Data Connectivity in 300 Cities Across The Globe


Airtel Singtel

Two telecommunication services giants, India’s Airtel and Singapore’s Singtel, have partnered to provide high speed internet and telephony services to the residents of 325 cities where the two companies operate it.

The specialty of this partnership is that the two companies will offer a unified network in Asia-Pacific, Africa, the Middle-East, Europe and the United States. Airtel 4G’s strong presence in India is a sign of strategic growth in developing nations like India and Africa.

Manish Prakash, Director of Strategic Ventures at Airtel, said, “This association will strongly enhance our value proposition for enterprise customers by offering them a wider global reach and the largest reach within India under a single platform.”

The new combined network will be amongst the largest global Internet Protocol VPNs offering seamless data connectivity to over 300 cities. Singtel has 200 points of presence in 160 cities, whereas Airtel has 170 points of presence in 165 cities.

“We believe joining forces this way makes total sense. By tapping on one another’s infrastructure assets we enhance each other’s capabilities. Conversely, this partnership also opens the door for Indian companies to expand abroad, supported by Singtel’s high quality IP VPN network in major business cities in Asia, Europe and the US.”” said Lim Seng Kong, Managing Director of Global Enterprise Business – Singtel Group Enterprise.

Airtel and Singtel feel that this joint venture is an efficient way for Indian companies to expand abroad and set up their networks through the new unified network. Large businesses in foreign locations can join the new network for their communication needs and enjoy the benefits both the companies have to offer.

Airtel is also banking on the fact that large pharmaceutical, IT and ITeS companies, that are planning to expand outside India, will be able to benefit from this association, through cloud applications, unified communications, video conferencing and software-defined networking solutions.

How will it help both the organisations?

It is extremely difficult for a company to set up its base in a foreign land, even in case of communication services, and what makes it more difficult is the fact that local players have already settled and acquired most of the customers.

Through a tie-up like this, the two companies can expand to double their existing location counts and improve upon their services. Two is better than one, and with this ideology, Airtel and Singtel plan to build upon their existing infrastructure and technological advancements.

From Airtel’s point of view, this is one of the best ways to reach out to countries other than India and Africa where to do not have any presence. Not only will it offer secure high speed internet, but also create a buzz in nations where it does not yet exist.

Kudos to the two companies for coming together and creating a huge IP VPN for companies to operate on. We look forward to seeing Airtel team up with other telecommunication services giants like Globe(Philippines) and Telkomsel(Indonesia) to expand their reach in these developing countries.

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    It Seems Airtel is planning big things.

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