MapmyIndia’s New DriveMate IoT Device Converts Your Car into a Smart Car!



MapmyIndia, India’s leading provider in map and GPS services, has announced its next generation Internet of Things car technology, a plug and play device that converts your car into a smart car.

DriveMate, the new generation technology device, provides a real-time monitoring of your car or other vehicles from anywhere in the world. By this means, you’re always connected to your vehicle and can track its status every minute.

MapmyIndia has been working on a self-driving car technology and both these technologies can work in tandem to provide the best experience to vehicle owners. The small device can be plugged into an OBD(On-board diagnostics) port in the car for use.

Rakesh Verma, Managing Director – MapmyIndia said, “we are working with our vehicle manufacturers and smart city customers and partners, as well as looking to work with many other enterprises and app developers to integrate MapmyIndia’s Maps, Telematics and LBS platforms and APIs into holistic solutions for safer and smarter citizens, cars and cities.”

Features of DriveMate

DriveMate is a GPS-based plug and play device that has an Android, iOS, Windows and a web app. It can be used for vehicle safety that includes anti-theft, misuse, mapping driver behaviour etc. The device will also alert the owners in case the vehicle is due servicing, pollution check and insurance renew.

This goes without saying that DriveMate comes with GPS and internet services to provide comprehensive routes and maps. When the device is plugged in, it can provide information like car’s precise location, driver behaviour to monitor the car’s performance and details about car’s policies in a matter of seconds.

DriveMate also comes in a Max variant, that gives the vehicle owner access to an in-app virtual button which can be pressed to receive immediate roadside assistance. The request is sent to a partnered car dealer or service center so that the car can be sent for servicing or checks.

NIC is working on developing an app to store digital copies of driving license, car registration papers and insurance papers etc, but this has also been incorporated in DriveMate so that users do not have to deal with the hassles of carrying so many documents.

The regular DriveMate variant has been priced at Rs. 9,990 which includes first year service and SIM/mobile connectivity charges, while the Max variant has been priced at Rs. 14,990. The hardware comes with 12 month warranty.

Post first two years of use, device owners need to pay Rs. 2,400 annually for the services like internet connectivity and sim services.

Can this technology be successful in India?

The Indian Government has cracked a whip at cab aggregators in India to install safety features in the entire fleet. However, considering the number of cars on road, no one will be able to afford a technology that provides you enough formation at a cost of Rs. 10,000.

This could become a rage amongst the business class in India who have multiple cars and need to keep a track of their vehicles, but I do not see many people adopting it. While the technology does provide you real-time information of your vehicle, it also poses a threat from hackers who can easily track your vehicle.

Another good initiative from MapmyIndia, but are GPS devices required anymore? Let us wait and watch.

If you’re interested in the technology, head out to MapmyIndia’s website to purchase DriveMate.

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  1. Subham says

    Great Article. Its certainly futuristic.
    My Friend is also coming out with very similar device.
    And its costs very less. In the range 5k-7k.

    Check out:-

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