Obtain Signed FIR Copies on Whatsapp Within Hours, Says Maharashtra Police


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For all those who thought social media is all about connecting with friends and family, think again, for the Maharashtra police will use WhatsApp to send FIR copies to complainants. DGP Praveen Dixit, noticing the delay in the issuance of FIR or First Information Report has asked his staff to use the social messenger whatsapp to send signed FIR copies to the complainants.

The usual procedure would take about 2 days to file such FIR copies and sending it to the complainants was a time consuming process, but thanks to the new order, the time taken will come to few hours only.

He also has approved complainants taking pictures of their FIR while filing it as well and hopes that the previous time lag be reduced considerably. This surely makes it convenient for complainants and it’s about time to use such social media platforms to address public issues. Most companies are active on social media and many customer grievances are cleared through platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp.

Social Media use by Police on the Rise

Another police department active on social media is the Bangalore Traffic Police. The Bangalore Traffic police page on FB is very informative and connect with its citizens by sending traffic updates, clogged routes, slow moving traffic, witty pictures to educate people about abiding by existing rules. The page has 403,680 likes and the events organised by the department are always posted. Many grievances are resolved here, be it a case of reporting over speeding, excess emission from a vehicle, rash driving etc are looked into if the complainant attaches a picture of the issue. The police department ensures to look into e-complaints and revert back to complainants.

In another instance, a Banglorean called Iftikar Pasha was being tortured by some local thugs following a robbery where he lost 4 lakhs and 100 grams of gold at his residence. Dejected by the local police’s response, he took to Twitter and tweeted his grievance to the Bangalore CITY police (@cpblr). He tweeted on 5th, 12th and 16th of August, 2014 and as soon as this tweet caught the then commissioner, NM Reddi’s attention, the complainant was given all the security and his case was closed soon. NM Reddi personally checks all the tweets containing public grievances and if time permits, he even retweets.

It’s amazing how social media can not only re-connect families but also can make so much difference in cracking cases. Also Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter (predominantly used) eradicate third party interferences and can retain the authenticity of the case or situation. It’s also easier to provide solutions and effect communications without the time lag.

Citizens of Visakhapatnam also avail such facilities where in they can WhatsApp their issue to GVMC or Greater Visakhapatnam municipal corporation. Social media is being used for the first time in Delhi by the department of food to help PDS (Public Distribution System) of food supplies for ration card holders.

Social media platforms are the best way to redress public issues because the age old office procedures are cumbersome and the effectiveness had eroded them. It’s astonishing to see the transition of nouns such as Facebook, WhatsApp become verbs today. So way to go, Maharashtra Police department!

Does your city also have such cops or government departments who facebook to solve crimes and tweet to communicate and WhatsApp to send real time information? Let us know!

Source: ET

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  1. Sukanya says

    What an innovative idea! It saves time of the govt authority as well as public…It is fast, cheap and very convenient…Good Job!

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