Wow! Amazon Gets its Own Postage Stamp from India Post…


Amazon My Stamp

Today, June 4th, marks the third anniversary of Amazon in India, one of the most trusted marketplaces in the country. Amazon also holds the title of the most visited e-commerce site in India and has been growing at a steady pace in India.

As an anniversary gift, Department of Posts, Ministry of Communication, has gifted Amazon by printing its own Amazon ‘My Stamp’. Celebrating the relationship Amazon has had with India Post, for its extensive delivery network, and partnering with the company to deliver its goods and packages across the country.

Amazon My Stamp is a customized stamp produced by the India Post with logos or photos to symbolize the companies. Amazon India has received a Rs. 5 stamp that has a pictorial view of delivery boy carrying an Amazon package. The stamp also reads “3 years of delivering smiles.” to quantify the fantastic stint of Amazon in India.

More about My Stamp

My Stamp is an initiative undertaken by the Ministry of Communication in 2011 to allow businesses and notable individuals in India to print stamps with a picture of their choice.

Last year, My Stamps could be generated by individuals as well with their own selfies as the main pictures. My Stamps are a convenient way for the small business and prominent enterprises to increase the reach of their businesses.

This is the first time India Post is honoring an e-commerce site for a milestone with a customized stamp. Amazon India is also proud of having partnered with India Post for delivering packages in extremely remote locations.

At the launch in Bengaluru, Usha Chandrashekar, Chief Postmaster General, Karnataka circle, said, “The launch reinforces the Amazon-India Post relationship. We would like to say that it is a step towards the fulfilment of the aspirations of the people in rural India.”

Just to think about it, it should be a moment of pride for a non-Indian company to get such recognition in India. Flipkart, Amazon’s largest competitor, hasn’t yet received such an honour from a government organisation.

Many would say Flipkart should have been the first recipient, them being a Indian born and bred eCommerce portal..but that’s not to be. Flipkart is surely not going to be too happy about this!

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