Ola Signs MoU with Bengaluru Airport; Gets Reserved Parking Zone For its Cabs


Ola Zone

If you’ve been to Bengaluru or stay in Bengaluru, you would have dealt with the ordeal of reaching the airport from the city, which are quite far away from each other. There are a couple of options including BMTC buses and radio taxis at the airport, but cheaper cab services are still not available in plenty.

Usually one has to wait for some time to catch an Ola cab or an Uber cab to reach the city. In order to reduce the turnaround time and keep an available inventory at the airport, Ola has received a special ‘Ola Zone’ after signing a Memorandum of Understanding with the Bengaluru Kempegowda International Airport.

The main purpose of the Ola Zone would be to provide immediate cabs to the requesters and ferry them to-and-fro the city. There will also be company’s representatives to guide the passengers to the zone and introduce them to cheaper and faster options.

Ola gets specific designated parking spots at the zone as well so that the drivers can park their cars and immediately arrive at the airport when the user requests. It is like having an inventory of mobile phones at a shop to be immediately available for a customer.

Is the Ola Zone necessary?

Personally having tried booking Uber and Ola at the Bengaluru Airport, I must say getting a cab quicker than expected was very much needed. The drivers will be available at the Ola Zone and can come in the shortest time to the different arrival gates to pick up customers.

Anuj Sahai, Vice President – Alliance & Monetization at Ola talked about the zone, “As a result of this MoU, a larger pool of cars will be available for airport travelers with lower ETAs and utmost efficiency. This first of its kind partnership is testament to the transformational mobility experience that we have enabled for millions.”

Providing cheaper cabs at lower ETAs at one of the busiest airports in India is a smart move and is definitely going to benefit the customers. It will be interesting to see how Ola tackles peak time customer requests.

Ola has claimed that their ETA’s will reduce to less than 3 mins due to Ola Zone facility!

Ola share will also be promoted by the company to reduce pollution by employing carpooling service. Ola claims that along with lower ETAs, customers will actually enjoy confirmed booking for their ride to the city.

Ola has decided to implement this model at other locations like the railway stations and intercity bus stops across the cities the company operates in. This will definitely mean easier access to Ola cabs for customers, but also incentives for drivers to have their vehicles at these locations.

So, next time you are at Bengaluru Airport, do book a cab with Ola and let us know your experience!

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