Tata Group Creates World’s 1st Safety Wearable For Factory Workers; Launch Yoga Wearable As Well


Tata Group Wearables

Not even a single fashion designer or tech enthusiast had predicted what Tata Group has done in the last one week. Showcasing their aggressiveness in launching tech wearables, Tata Group has now forayed into an entirely new niche.

Tata Group has launched two wearables, targeted for entirely different audiences, and empowered to do entirely unique tasks.

World’s First Wearable for The Factory Worker

Tata Group has created world’s first wearable tech gadget, meant exclusively for factory workers. This wrist watch shall inform the worker about critical and real time safety data pertaining to the industry where he is working; and can probably be able to save his life in an emergency.

This watch will display vital information such as the worker’s body temperature, pulse rate and besides excessive gases in the environment, which can be potentially hazardous.

As per sources, this idea came to them after observing health hazards of their workers working at Tata Steel and other manufacturing oriented units like Tata Motors and Tata Chemicals.

Tata Group’s Chief Technology Officer Gopichand Katragadda said, “This is the very first safety wearable in the world designed specially for a factory floor worker,”

This wrist watch, having Tata’s flagship logo would be powered by TCS’ cloud-based analytics platform and designed by Tata Elxsi. Titan would be manufacturing this wearable.

Katragadda said, “When we enter the digital consumer space, we will have a unique product because if you design something for the shop-floor, the design is much more onerous than doing it for a consumer. We will have a product which is unique in that market,”

Tata Will Track Fitness With Yoga Wearables

Tata Group has also launched a Yoga wearable, which is a wrist band to track the fitness of the user, while he or she is doing Yoga. This band track can easily track breathing patterns, alertness, and key metrics of the user, thereby providing him a complete overview of his fitness.

On their Yoga wearables, Katragadda said, “We are going back to the basics with our yoga wearable. Users can stop many lifestyle diseases at their very onset. We have the technology to develop different kinds of wearables and we want to bring Made in India products into the market.”

Besides these wearables, Tata Group is now all set to push innovation and technology across their 120 odd companies by partnering with Harvard, Stanford and other such top colleges.

Total patents secured by Tata has now crossed 7000 at the end of 2015, compared to 3,500 at end of 2013. 2.7% of Tata Group’s revenues, amounting to $2.9 billion, was dedicated for Research and Development projects like wearables during 2014-15.

In the coming days, we may observe lot more innovative products from the 148 year old conglomerate. We are keeping our fingers crossed.

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