Here’s How Startups Can Capitalize on Alma Mater!


Startups Alma Mater

For budding entrepreneurs, the two must haves are a bunch of innovative ideas and good networking. Their immediate connections are those they’ve formed in and around their college campuses, as most of them are either fresh graduates or dropouts.

Some get back to just surf libraries or hire interns, but some out of the box thinking could help startups in a lot many things, right from getting funding, to getting good business. Many institutions and organizations have their arms wide open when it comes to helping alumni who are excelling in their respective fields.

However, not many are aware of what these institutions have to offer. Here’s more on that!

Getting your technical work done from present students

Working on live projects for real time exposure is something that both the teachers and students across various universities are looking at. As a part of their own projects, they could probably take up some of your work and reduce the burden off your shoulders! You don’t have to pay extra bucks to employees or outsource it to other firms!

Library access for research

Your alma matter has all the material you need in your field. Their intellectual property is all yours, once you assure them responsibility towards it. Even project works of former students are at display here which might just help you sprout up with another business idea.

Its never too late to attend more classes

B-Schools often have entrepreneurship classes, which if you keep in touch with, you could avail of. When new in the business, you need various perceptions and plans. You need good financial models to follow, and it makes it easier to build your own with a little extra knowledge and expertise provided at institutes. You again end up saving on those much expensive business reports.

Funding and grants

A startup can never say no to grants and funding. Among various other sources to gain capital, connections with local company ventures can be formed and bloomed here. Its one of the best resource to tap on.

Find guides, business mentors and advisors

Professors at universities and institutes are lost in between the curriculum and engrossed with students most of the times. For them to come out and help people working in the real world is of utmost pleasure. Their opinions are of great value, and yes, its some free advice of a lot of worth!

Pull in co-founders and employees

In your quest for things mentioned above, there are possibilities you might barge into like-minded people and hit a note there! Passionate people these days are looking out for more than just a 9-5 payscale.

At the career guidance and employment cells, you can even peep in to find out where people’s interests are lying in these days, and what are your competitors up to!

All said and done, your alma matter is going to be some great kick-start to your networking as an entrepreneur, and guess what, it all comes free of cost!

So if you think your resources dry up after you leave college, you’re in the wrong hat!

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