Myntra to Introduce Standardized Size Chart to Reduce Merchandise Returns


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Jabong and Myntra are the two leading online players in the fashion apparels industry and have grown faster than other similar firms in the market. The reason lies in the fact that they were one of the first ones to offer such products online and had great exchange policies which benefitted more buyers.

When it comes to buying merchandise online, most people still feel uncomfortable, owing to the fact that the sizes listed online might not fit properly and ultimately will lead to returns. However, Myntra wants to ease the process of choosing the right size of clothing for self or others.

In order to reduce the costs associated and inconvenience due to returns owing to difference in sizes requested and actual size, Myntra is set to launch standardised size chart on its mobile app and well as their mobile website by mid-April. Myntra says half of the returns are due to incorrect sizes selected by customers, which will drastically reduce if a standardised chart is prepared.

Ashutosh Lawania, Co-Founder – Myntra, said, “Every brand, international or national, has its own measurement guideline, which often confuses consumers. This has resulted in nearly 50 per cent of returns on the platform.”

Why is this a big deal for E-tailers?

In Western countries, such sizing standards are already in place for most clothing manufacturers, which makes it easy for online stores to sell the products. One can be sure of choosing the right size 99% of the times, which reduces the inconvenience to both the e-commerce company and the customer.

In India, different manufacturers follow different standards, which makes it difficult for e-tailers to consolidate different products into defined standards. Large size from one brand may be Extra-Large from another brand, which makes the customer more confused and degrades the shopping experience.

This project taken by Myntra will not only solve their own problem, but also for those buying products from its app. Firstly, customers will get the exact dimensions of the product they’re wishing to buy and secondly, Myntra itself hopes to cut 30% of its returns by this pre-decided size chart.

If you remember, Amazon India had stopped refunds on mobile phones purchased through its website or application this year. Myntra could start implementing something similar if it wants to reduce its returns and costs associated with it further to make business profitable.

We could see similar initiatives from Jabong, LimeRoad and other companies in this space soon to make the shopping experience online easier and quicker for their fans.

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  1. Mohamed Aamir says

    Great. Instead of just following the Western size charts, creating an Indian standard chart is an excellent move.

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