Google App Offers Front Row Seats for ICC World Twenty20 2016


Google App ICC Cricket World T20

Cricket is not just a sport in India. It is a religion. People in India put cricket over their work and even their studies.

Have you ever visited the market when the India-Pak game is on? I have. And all I can say is that it looks like as if everybody has something very important at stake. Everybody is glued to the TV. People want to enjoy the game with full attention and don’t wish to be disturbed in-between.

Now, with the advent of the latest game format – T20, the cricket craze in India has reached new heights. It is short game format and missing even a single over seems like the end of the world to many.

We have lots of apps dedicated to cricket, but if you are like me and don’t want to install too many apps on your smartphones then we have good news for you. Google app has just been updated with new cricket experiences as ICC World Twenty20 2016 is just around the corner.

Starting now, Google app will answer all you queries related to cricket. You can check for ”mid-match score”, “when India plays next”, on your Android or iOS device.

Score updates available in English and Hindi will make you live the game in the language of your choice. The best thing is that you don’t need to refresh the page for the latest scores.

“With the Google app on your Android or iOS phone, you now have instant answers to your all cricket questions. Score updates and match schedules in English and Hindi give you a front row seat to all the games. And if you search for things like “Cricket score” or “T20 score” at any point during the game, scores will automatically update — no page refreshes needed,” mentioned Yoav Schwartzberg, Product Manager, Google Search in a blog post.

The new Search experience will show you articles related to that games, teams, players, and detailed score boxes.

“Once you select the game you’re interested in you’ll be taken through to a new Search experience which shows you news articles related to the games, teams and players you’re interested in as well as detailed score boxes with in-depth game stats,” the blog post revealed

You can also use voice commands like “Ok Google, when is the next cricket match?” to check the schedules of the upcoming games without even lifting a finger. Google will also tell you the date and the time of the next match of your interest when you ask particular questions like “When will India play Pakistan?”

Google also mentions that the app won’t answer questions like who will win the match and jokes about it as, “The only thing the Google app can’t tell you is who will win. You’ll have to wait a couple of seconds after the match for that.”

This would not only drive more people to the Google app but would also provide for an interactive search experience. This would be very much helpful when we get impatient to know the scores during a live match.

And as far as checking who the winner is, I think we can wait a few seconds to find out who that is, can’t we?

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