Indian Startup Aims To Create An Android Based OS Which Will Automatically Update On Users’ Requests; Raises Funds


Creo Sense

There are around 2 billion smartphones which are in use right now; and out of this, 75% are powered by Android OS. Thus, globally, around 1.5 billion people are using the same operating system on different devices. As we can see here, there is not much differentiation in terms of mobile software (except for launcher customizations) , compared to the differentiation observed in mobile hardware.

An Indian Startup wants to change this! CREO is attempting to create a unique, strange Android based OS which has features no one has ever imagined.

Sample this: What if your Android OS automatically adds, deletes and edits features every month, based on your requests and feedbacks? It may sound futuristic, but this will literally transform your phone every month into a new phone, without spending a dime (maybe some mobile data usage as updating an entire OS will consume some bytes)

As per CREO’s co-founder and chief executive officer Sai Srinivas, their new yet unnamed OS will “deliver features unheard of on any device.”

Not only software, but CREO is also making their own hardware, which will compliment the whole concept. It seems that CREO is attempting to create a whole new Universe of Android based software and hardware which sounds extremely exciting.

Investors have approved of this idea, and they are pooling funds to let it work. As per reports coming in, Sequoia India, Beenext Ventures, and India Quotient have just invested $3 million into CREO to make their idea work and execute.

Just like their previous project, CREO is creating this unique Android based OS tailor-made for the Indian audience.

CREO’s previous Avatar

The team behind CREO had earlier launched a product called Teewe which received $1.7 million VC funding last year. Their latest version called Teewe 2 is already being used across 50,000 households across India.

Teewe is a HDMI dongle which fighting it out with big competitors such as Google Chromecast, as it is tailor made for Indian needs. For example, Teewe is not only it will stream media content from the Internet, but it will also automatically detect and organize the existing media content stored on users’ system. This will not only help in avoiding the same content being downloaded again (thereby saving data) but also enable easy offline access as and when required.

It would be interesting to observe how CREO manages to create that differentiator which every Android user is desperately seeking. And, it would be more interesting to observe how Indian users respond to it.

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