2016 Nexus Phone Could be Made by HTC



Google really likes to experiment with the manufacturing of its Nexus phones, of course after a lot of thought and work that goes into it. 2015 Nexus phones were manufactured by Huawei and LG, much to the dismay of Motorola fans.

However, 2016 could see a different manufacturer altogether to continue to legacy of the most anticipated phones of the year.

Google usually releases its phones post the launch of the upgraded Android software version, in August or September. Even though the launch date is far, it does not keep people from discussing about the possibility of new OEMs developing the modules.

According to rumours in China, the next Nexus phones could well be from HTC. In fact, since there are two Nexus devices now, both the phones will be manufactured by HTC according to rumours. The first time HTC was chosen to make a Nexus phone was back in January 2010, the HTC Nexus One, which did not make many ripples in the industry.

According to rumours on chinese website Weibo, HTC will be launching two phones this year with screen sizes of 5-inch and 5.5-inch, which are both 0.2 inches lesser than the current flagships. This does not go in line with the usual trend of larger screen sizes every year in the revised smartphones, and certainly not with Google’s methodology.

However, since Huawei Nexus 6P has a smaller screen as compared to Motorola Nexus 6, it seems fairly right to assume that the new phones could be smaller.

The forum posts also claim that just two phones will not be able to revive HTC from the losses it has been incurring for the last two years, even with the launch of some high-end phones like HTC One A9. Although One A9 failed to impress the critics, the phone had certain features missing in the competition and provided a completely different UI which was said to be refreshing.

Since the information is not confirmed, and seems merely a rumour, take it with a pinch of salt. Although we could see HTC returning as the frontrunner, it is unlikely that both the flagships will be developed by the same manufacturer.

If the information is true, be ready for one of the best camera smartphones this year. We sincerely hope Google prices them right, since HTC is known for over-priced smartphones, also one of the reasons of dwindling sales. Stay tuned for more news on this!

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