Top 5 News Events of 2015 Which Moved Whole of India



2015 is almost over now, giving way to a fresh start in the form of 2016. However, in the last 12 months, 2015 has left a trail of pretty interesting news events – the moments which moved India and forced us to reflect upon them.

Here, we present the top 5 news events of 2015:

Chennai Floods

Chennai FloodsSource

El Nino phenomenon triggered Chennai rains, which soon transformed into the most destructive natural calamity of 2015 in India. More than 400 people lost their lives and 18 lakh people were displaced from their native places due to this massive rains and floods. The nature’s fury which we witnessed between September-December 2015 is the most tragic natural disaster of the year.

With 26 million searches, Google declared Chennai rains as the biggest moment of 2015. On Twitter, 1.4 million tweets were generated regarding Chennai rains, which made it as one of the most talked about story on social media.

It was heartening to see how brands came together and offered their assistance for Chennai flood victims.

Cricket World Cup 2015

Cricket World Cup 2015

Cricket World Cup was conducted between February 14th and March 29th, 2015, and was hosted by Australia and New Zealand. Although the Indian team as able to defeat Pakistan, we eventually lost to Australia in the knockout stage. Australia went on to win the tournament defeating New Zealand.

The peak moment of this event was India Pakistan match, which generated 118 million impressions via 1.7 million Tweets.

Twitter had actually created dedicated timeline #CWC15 for this event.

We had reported that approximately 1 billion people had watched this tournament, and advertisers had approximately spent Rs 1500 crore on advertisements.

Here are 5 interesting ads for World Cup – 2015

Delhi Elections

Delhi Elections 2015

Delhi Elections happened on February 7th to elect 70 members of 6th Legislative Assembly of Delhi. AAP, led by Arvind Kejriwal recorded a smashing victory by defeating BJP and Congress and by winning 67 out of 70 seats.

Twitter had already declared Delhi Elections to be the most influential moment in their history of 2015 (Diwali was the second most influential moment) as total of 108 million Tweets were sent mentioning this term.

We analyzed 6 primary reasons due to which AAP was able to beat BJP in Delhi Elections.

Swine Flu Deaths

SwineFlue Deaths

2009 pandemic H1N1 virus, commonly known as Swine Flu resurfaced in 2015 with more vengeance and more power. Confirmed laboratory reports amounted to 33,000 cases as deaths crossed 2000 in 2015 alone.

Gujarat, Rajasthan and Maharashtra accounted for maximum number of cases; while Maharashtra accounted for maximum number of deaths in the country. Unseasonal showers in February, March along with lackluster preparation from Government agencies led to such huge number of deaths due to Swine flu.

Mark Zuckerberg & Sunder Pichai Visit India

Mark Zuckerberg India visit

When Founders and CEOs of billion dollar Internet companies visit India, then its sure to raise temperatures. But the genuineness of these visits was starkly opposite.

Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook visited India is the month of October this year. He conducted a Townhall meeting at IIT Delhi campus; but the whole exercise soon turned into a PR exercise for their much hated and controversial Free Basics program.

On the other hand, India born Google CEO Sunder Pichai’s India visit was hailed as one of the most significant one for India’s digital industry. He made it clear that Google is supporting Net Neutrality in India, and made some other interesting announcements.

What are the other biggest moments of 2015? Do share your list by commenting right here.

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    Nice post! Some good and bad events. most of all Swine flu was the worst

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