Microsoft, Paytm Oppose Free Basics; Kunal Shah, Founder of Freecharge Facilitates Reddit AMA with VP


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The tribe of Net Neutrality crusaders is increasing day by day, as the deadline of TRAI’s consultation paper (December 30th) is fast approaching. Not only startups, but also billion dollar software companies have come out strongly against Free Basics by Facebook.

And, to initiate a debate and discussion on this issue, Facebook has agreed to conduct a Reddit India AMA on this issue.

Microsoft, Paytm, Truecaller Slam Free Basics

In a surprise twist of events, Microsoft India Chairman, Bhaskar Pramanik has strongly opposed Free Basics by Facebook. It is not common to see billion dollar companies condemning other billion dollar companies on such controversial issues. But here, Microsoft has made a ‘rare intervention’.

In an interview, Bhaskar said, “I don’t think what Facebook is doing is about net neutrality; it is about helping first-time users get on the Internet and they should call it that. But to muddy it and say that it is also net neutral doesn’t make sense.”

Thus, he makes it absolutely clear that via Free Basics, Facebook is actually killing Net Neutrality in India. Note here, that Facebook and Microsoft were into a strategic alliance for several years; and Microsoft owns a minority stake in Facebook as well.

But on the issue of Freedom of Net, it seems that Microsoft has been honestly blunt here.

Meanwhile, unicorn Indian startup Paytm has also revolted against Facebook’s nefarious scheme to enslave Internet, and have openly come out against Free Basics.

Paytm founder Vijay Shekhar Sharma expressed his anger and opinions on this issue via series of Tweets in the last few days. Some of these are:

And, some more Tweets in this regard.

Paytm came up with a blog, wherein they educated their users about the evil effects of Free Basics; danger of killing Internet; and the objective of saving Net Neutrality. In fact, every time a user pays on Paytm, he will be directed to a page wherein he can support the movement of Net Neutrality by visiting portal.


Indeed, a noble and apt gesture by Paytm to support Net Neutrality in India.

Truecaller CEO also came out in the open, and supported Net Neutrality by sending all their 100 million customers a pre-written message which supports fair Internet.

He tweeted

@Truecaller is pushing this message out to over 100M users in India right now. Let the people chose by understanding.

Freecharge Founder Kunal Shah Facilitates Debate on Reddit

Meanwhile, Freecharge founder Kunal Shah attempted to break the logjam by facilitating a debate between Facebook and the supporters of Net Neutrality in India.

Due to his initiatives, Chris Daniels, Vice President, Product – Internet Org, Facebook has agreed to conduct a Reddit India AMA (Ask me Anything) session, wherein he will answer queries and doubts related with Free Basics.

Chris Daniels

This AMA has been scheduled for December 26th, 2015 (Saturday) between 6 PM and 7 PM.

The announcement thread is already live, and it has generated 77 comments within 12 hours.

It would be interesting to observe how Facebook responds to the allegations and accusations of killing the freedom of Internet.

Meanwhile, don’t forget to visit portal, and send that email to TRAI regarding Net Neutrality in India. Every email, every vote counts in this fight against Slavery of Internet. You can also directly respond to TRAI here.

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