Google Launches a Dedicated Website to Capture the Digital Revolution in India


Google Digital India

Google has always been our favourite in launching exciting products and services in the country, and has since then stood by to closely monitor the digital revolution in the country. India has blossomed in terms of the number of startups that come into being everyday and the overall revolution the country has seen in terms of technology is mind blowing.

Only a few countries outside the Silicon Valley in the US have the capability to grow at a rate this fast and the past few years in India have really shown the potential here.

Owing to the fact that the digital upgradation has happened so fast in India, Google wants to ensure it tracks every minute detail correctly and presents it to the larger audience for their information.

Google India has now launched a dedicated website to keep a track of growth and developments of various enterprises and entrepreneurs in the country. The standalone website will be sharing stories about how various entrepreneurs rose from the very basic to a big establishment and how Google has enabled them to do so. It will attempt to track the stories and developments of primarily SMBs, Indian Startups, entrepreneurs and publishers.

Narendra Modi, Prime Minister of India, has been trying to raise awareness about digitalized economy in this era and has already launched various programs to push India towards the goal. Sharing the same vision as Narendra Modi, Google has unveiled the website to show the developments taken place in India under the ‘Digital India; banner.

Rajan Anandan, VP & Managing Director, Sales & Operations, Google SEA & India has published an official announcement on the Google India blog that states, “We are excited that businesses all around India are using the technology we provide as an engine for their growth and we’re committed to helping them succeed with our tools and products. Just a few weeks ago, we announced an investment of $20,000 of cloud credits for 1000 startups in 2016 – 120 crores in a single year for startups. This is the single largest investment we’ve made anywhere in the world for Google Cloud Services. We want to help fuel the growth of companies and startups in India and one of the best ways we can do that is by empowering more businesses with the powerful tools Google provides for businesses.”

This is also an excellent opportunity for the SMBs to showcase their talent and growth in India purely on effort basis and not just through word of mouth news. You will actually be able to see the growth of various startups and entrepreneurs in the country, monitor them over time and assess their future expansion. I will be a key turning point for such SMBs and entrepreneurs, for they will get more exposure and opportunity to reach every part of the world.

Google hopes to see 20 Million small businesses on the portal and hopes to contribute in every possible way to the Digital India initiative. It sounds like a really good plan and I am sure Google is going to be more than just a service to leverage the entrepreneurs.

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