TRAI Wants Your Feedback On Implementing BharatNet – Here Is How You Can Make A Difference!



Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) is seeking feedbacks and opinions regarding the implementation of BharatNet; and the forum is now open for all.

BharatNet is the ambitious project of Modi Govt. to connect 2,50,000 villages with high speed broadband in the next two years. A budget of Rs 20,000 crore has already been allocated for this mega-project, and till April, 2015, 20,000 villages had been connected via BharatNet.

Previously, BharatNet was called National Optical Fibre Network (NOFN) plan.

While announcing the launch of consultation paper on the implementation of BharatNet, TRAI said, “Some views regarding the implementation have been raised and therefore the Authority looked into one more possible alternate model –“Build-Own-Operate-Transfer” (BOOT) model. The Authority has come out with this Consultation Paper (CP) to discuss issues related to strategies to find best model of implementation for BharatNet.”

Some of the major issues related with BharatNet, for which TRAI is seeking feedback and opinions are:

  • How should the project get funded, in association with private players?
  • Advantages and disadvantages of the BOOT model (Build-Own-Operate-Transfer)
  • Implementation strategy for nation-wide Internet connectivity
  • How to make this project feasible by reducing the cost and making it affordable for all
  • How to choose the best executing agency, and how to ensure that ‘monopolistic behavior’ is not imposed

How Can You Participate?

The forum is right now open here: , where any Indian can register and submit their feedback/opinion and ideas on this issue.

At the time of writing, 117 comments have already been received.

This forum is open till December 7th, 2015, before which you need to submit your thoughts. For any query or concern, public is advised to directly contact Mr Arvind, who is an Advisor with TRAI at +91-11-23220209 or Fax at +91-11-23230056.

Some of the interesting suggestions so far received:

Bharat Net Feedback1

Bharat Net Feedback8-9Bharat Net Feedbac4-5Bharat Net Feedback3Bharat Net Feedbac3Bharat Net Feedback2

In order to successfully implement Digital India vision, and to ensure that BharatNet reaches every nook and corner of our country, this is very important that we all contribute our suggestions and feedback at this open forum, launched by TRAI.

Do share your comments and feedback regarding BharatNet and make India stronger with the power of Internet.

The forum where comments can be shared; and the deadline is December 7h, 2015.

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