Titan Partners With HP to Develop Smart Watches


Titan HP Smartwatch

India has seen the launch of a variety of smartwatches from Apple, Samsung, Motorola, Garmin etc, however the industry is yet to pick up pace. Smartwatches have been developed to ease a customer’s day-to-day activities and sync with all the devices to enable seamless integration. In case I receive a message on my smartphone, I don’t even have to take out my phone to read and reply. I can straightaway do that using my fancy smart watch, which can also change the song I’m listening to.

Titan, India’s leading watch brand, has announced its plans to partner with HP to develop its smartwatches, which is actually what the company should be known for, considering the technology trend these days.

Ravi Kant, CEO, Watches and Accessories Division, Titan Company mentioned, “It is indeed a milestone for two of the world’s leading companies to come together and create a unique lifestyle offering for people not only in India, but across the world. This category of smart watches is going to change the way people view the art of timekeeping and beyond”.

Although Ravi Kant is correct in saying smartwatches are going to change the way people view the art of timekeeping, the current trends prove otherwise. It is not that these watches are not helpful, but the mere thought of buying an additional device clinging to your wrist, heavier than a normal watch, tracking everything in your body and costing as much as a mid-range smartphone puts people off. The watches tend to be fragile and have low battery backup, creating an extra burden for the user.

What can we expect from the Titan-HP smartwatches?

We can be sure of a couple of things, firstly we can expect excellent and durable quality of watches from Titan and can see great quality material being used. The watch should be scratch and water resistant. Since HP is also involved, there could be some design elements flowing from HP devices to these watches. Coming to the software and hardware, the smartwatches are pretty much expected to be Android powered to match up to its rivals and pack enough punch to work smoother than current smartwatches.

The battery backup should be way more than the norm today (atleast that’s what we are hoping), and should be equipped with quick charging ability. It does not make sense to charge the watch everyday, since it would lose the purpose of serving as a smartphone alternative. We could also expect Gorilla Glass 4 in the watch to provide the toughness and rigidity to it. The usual sensors present in current smartwatches should be present to design a well rounded product.

It is taken for granted that nothing can replace a smartphone. However, smartwatches these days try to prove otherwise. From taking calls to replying to texts, clicking photos and recording body rhythm and heart rate, a smartwatch can do exactly the same functions as that of a smartphone. The only caveat is that a smartphone has to be connected to the smartwatch, which is why a smartwatch cannot function individually. However, considering the smartwatches can do the same functions in a smaller form factor makes it all the more enticing. We are excited about this partnership and hope to see a classy and well finished product from the two giants.

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