Google Announces Free Offers on Apps & Cloud Platform To Attract Indian Businesses


Google Cloud Platform

It seems Google wants more Indians to shift to their Apps and Cloud platforms. In a bid to attract Indian Business, Google today announced two offers wherein they will cover the fees for Google Apps for any business locked into an enterprise agreement (EA) with another provider until its contract runs out.

In addition to this, Google India has said that, in 2016, they will provide 1000 Indian startups with upto $20,000 in free credits for Google Cloud Services.

Both these are offers are aimed at startups and small & medium sized businesses, who generally struggle with resources in a bid to scale up their offerings.

Google Apps Offer

This offer is aimed at users who are already using corporate email and productivity software with other providers. Google says, that the startup can switch to their apps platform for free till such time that their previous agreement runs out. They will even help with some of the deployment costs. After the previous agreement is over , Google will offer a simple contract and promise it to be much cheaper than their existing provider.

Google Cloud Services Offer

India has large developer community, second largest in the world and Google wants them to develop applications on their cloud platform. So, starting 2016, Google will offer 1,000 Indian startups with up to $20,000 (approx Rs. 13 Lakh) each in free credits for Google Cloud services. Google has minimal eligibility criteria for this offer. The startups must be less than 5 years old, have less than $5 million in funding and less than $500,000 in annual revenues.

This offer is sure to help lot of startups as majority of them will meet the criteria set by Google India. You can register for the same here.

Google understands the importance of large Indian market – they recently announced Android Nanodegree for Indian mobile developers who want to learn new skills but are out of resources. These Nanodegrees will be provided in partnership with education platform Udacity and Tata Trusts.


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