Bring Out Your VR Kits, YouTube Now Supports Virtual Reality Videos!


Youtube VR videos

Videos are one of the best way for sharing precious memories and important events with our friends, families, and colleagues. Videos let us relive the whole experience again. Videos were restricted to 2D and 3D technologies until recently.

But now we have another promising tech of Virtual Reality (VR) in the market holding the potential to change the way we enjoy videos.

What Is Virtual Reality?

Virtual Reality is a way by which we can interact with the 3D environment of a game or a video as the background seems to change as per the user’s viewing angle and also gives some sense of depth, just like what happens in real-life. In VR, near things look near and the objects which are located far away actually look far.

Until now this was usually accomplished using expensive electronic gadgets like VR helmets, or using special gloves. But now we have affordable cardboard devices which are way more affordable than these VR helmets.

YouTube Brings VR To The Common Man

Acknowledging the fact how VR can help the viewers experience what’s happening in the videos, YouTube has now launched its support for VR videos.

To enjoy VR, just find any VR video on YouTube, and tap the ‘Cardboard’ icon after dropping your Android phone into the Cardboard viewer. That’s it. The world of VR is now yours to enjoy.

Content Creators can also capture and share their videos in VR by using Jump technology.

Another interesting announcement is the VR Cardboard support for all videos on YouTube. All you have to do is select the “Cardboard” option from the watch page menu in YouTube Android app, and then drop your phone into the Cardboard viewer for enjoying a great VR experience.

We are happy to see that Google has enabled Cardboard support for all YouTube videos on mobile.

Only a select few people in our country own a ‘Cardboard’ device for relishing the VR content, but this move from YouTube will definitely gather a lot of attention from the users and the content creators, both. VR videos are here for the masses.

After all, why would anyone want to just watch videos in 2D when they have an option to experience them?

Here is the list of all VR videos available on YouTube as of now. This channel will be updated with more content very soon. In case you are interested in buying a ‘Cardboard’ device, which you should be, then visit Google Cardboard page for checking all the available options.

And you want your hands quickly on a a VR Kit, you can just pick it up from any ecommerce store including Amazon and Flipkart. The prices are as low as Rs. 250!


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