Reliance Jio Sets Record For Fastest Average Data Speed at Wankhede Stadium During Ind-SA ODI


Wankhede Stadium

Before the impending 4G service launch in December, Reliance Jio is showcasing their prowess in regards to their next generation 4G internet services delivered through WiFi Hotspots.

Over past few months, Jionet has been offering free internet services at various events across India and consumers are getting taste of what Jio has on offer. In Mumbai, it has rolled out state-of-the-art Wi-Fi infrastructure at the Wankhede Stadium (which happens to be Home ground of Mumbai Indians owned by Mukesh Ambani).

The services at Wankhede stadium, which is spread across 15,000 square meters, were launched during the 5th One Day International between India and South Africa. A total of 27,500 spectators attended the cricket match and set a record for Internet usage.

Out of 27,500 spectators, over 14,500 users (53%) latched on to Reliance Jio Wifi Hotspots. Jio delivered a speed of 13.55 Mbps compared to 4.68 Mbps offered at the Levis Stadium during NFL (National Football League) matches and 5.09 Mbps at Barclays Centre during NBA (National Basketball Association) matches.

Wankhede Speed

Over 2.2 TB of data was consumed by users through-out the duration of the match. A Reliance Jio spokesperson said: “Spectators lapped up the Jionet services, breaking all records of fastest average speed delivered per person and adoption rate (percentage of spectators who used the service in a stadium).”

To connect to Reliance Jio, consumers had to connect to available list of WiFi through their mobile devices. Once connected, they were diverted to a registration page, where they had to enter their mobile number. They would then get an SMS from Jionet with a code and once the code was entered into the browser, they were able to access Internet for 24 hours. If the user was inactive for 30 minutes, the session would expire and user had to once again use the same code to get connected again.

As far as internet services at such events goes, Reliance Jionet has definitely showed that they have the infrastructure and bandwidth to offer users top notch internet services. However, the real test will come when the services go live to general public.

We are not too far from day we find that out!

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