Amazon India Challenges Flipkart’s Billion Day Sale With Great Indian Festive Sale; Thankfully Desktop Users Will Be Allowed To Shop!


Amazon Great Indian Festival

Ecommerce shoppers are heading for a bonanza this October, as Amazon India has announced the launch of their “Great Indian Festive Sale” on the very same dates when Flipkart will conduct their Big Billion Day sales: October 13 to October 17.

Thankfully, Amazon will allow desktop users to shop as well, unlike Flipkart where only app users would be able to shop and use the special offers.

Amazon’s Subtle Way Of App Promotion

Amazon India has played the app promotion strategy with great caution and subtleness. Like Flipkart, Amazon is also trying to entice more app users, but the way they are promoting it looks gentle and noble, unlike Flipkart’s ‘compulsory’, ‘mandatory’ way of pushing it.

For instance, all app users on Amazon would be entitled to 15% cashback while using HDFC cards, whereas desktop users would get 10% cashback.

On the other hand, there are few ‘app-only’ offers, which would be floated on the last two days: October 16th and 17th; which can further induce their customers towards apps. But note here, that Amazon is promoting voluntary actions to promote their app, not like Flipkart which has issued a diktat of sorts for its customers.

Another subtle way of app promotion by Amazon: They are giving out ‘tips’ to all customers to enjoy the experience in a more efficient manner. And one such tips is to save their billing address and other details well in advance using their app. Hence, once the customer gets into the app mode, there exists greater possibility of his/her shopping using the same environment.

Another subtle marketing technique!

Flipkart Gears Up With Innovative Techniques

Not to be left behind, Flipkart has also resorted to some innovative techniques to make the whole experience of their customers better.

To start with, Flipkart has launched special training programs for their sellers from top 5 cities (as per their sales data): Delhi, Mumbai, Surat, Kolkata and Bangalore. These programs are named: ‘Flipkart Seller Campus’ and ‘Flipkart Helping Hands’; which will train these sellers how to optimally manage their inventory for greater precision during the special sales days.

They have partnered with Skillventory to provide 4 hour trainings to their sellers across these top 5 cities, which will help them to overcome logistical and technical challenges.

Manish Maheshwari , VP and head – seller ecosystem, Flipkart, said, “Last year, there was a problem with inventory. While people were giving orders, the inventory was just not there. This year, we are taking special caution and giving sellers guidance and training on inventory management.”

Additionally, Flipkart has also sent around 5 lakh snail mails to their customers, inviting them for the Big Billion Day sales.

Amazon or Flipkart – Which ecommerce portal will you choose between October 13 and 17? Do share your choice by commenting right here!

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  2. Abhinav says

    Am a kind of a more reserved user, after seeing the above comments i wanted to give my point of view. I really love the service and the response of amazon better then fk or sd. The only thing i feel is you lag with giving the best deal when you tag someting like great indian sale kind of. I want you to initiatesome marketing and get the reach with the customers.

  3. Rahul says

    I was shocked at the customer service from Flipkart. I was trying to return an item which was not working after arrival and totally not my fault. After this experience, I will never try Flipkart. Amazon I am coming to you

  4. Kiran says

    I have used both Flipkart and Amazon, but lately, the so-called redesigned Flipkart site and app is a great pain. When I compare both websites and apps, Amazon has has the lead. Flipkart app is so confusing and not user friendly
    Moreover, Amazon has the real deals when compared to the Flipkart which hikes the prices and offers discounts. My shopping experience is Amazon anytime, Flipkart is bakwaas.

  5. Sobhveer says

    I love amazon because they don’t care wheather you are a desktop or an app shopper.’

    I shop form a desktop. never used the app and never will!! when flipkart don’t allow us to avail deals on desktop I use amazon!

  6. n k trivedi says

    both have pros and cons,
    amazon giving 10-15% on hdfc where’s fk 10% on SBI cards.
    Amazon is superior in customer services and supplies stuff to most of the small cities. Fk has updated its app and now it works fine.I would consider price first than other things.

  7. Sameer says

    This way it is set to give huge competition to the Indian commerce giant Flipkart. While Flipkart has the second edition of its sales, Amazon makes its first entry to lure and attract buyers to make purchases.

  8. Ramya says

    e-commerce turned to m-commerce, Trend is changing. I wonder this year Flipkart’s 2nd edition of Big billion day is going to be App only sale. Now affiliates are trying to grab the attention by providing additional rewards on the top of big billion day offers 2015. One of those cashback sites I found is They are also the mobile first platform with android app so this will be a big move for them. If you get time try this app >>

  9. Sreekanth Yelicherla says

    Flipkart has already lost interest in the minds of users ever since they made Myntra to be app only and their decision to go app only (in future). Amazon is even more better when it comes to experience. I’ve almost shopped nothing from FK in the past 6-9 months but only from Amazon.

  10. ABCD says

    Amazon is good service than flipkart. Flipkart is App only sale

  11. Rajiv Verma says

    Over time, I have found Amazon to be more welcome instead of Flipkart which over time, has been trying to shove their decisions down customer’s throats! I have hardly bought anything from Flipkart in the last 6 months or so and those orders have gone to Amazon and the prinary reason for this has been Flipkart’s diktat of going it App only. Even though my orders on Amazon had been a mox of desktop & App orders but Amazon never told me from where I ‘should’ buy, unlike Flipkart.

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